Missouri Bullet order

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Jul 11, 2008
Knox, IN
I just got back from a vacation and it's now time to place an order for more bullets. I did a search for Missouri Bullet's discount code and, understandably, it's not posted in the threads due to abuse by non-members. Obviously I'm a member so can this be PM'ed to me. Thank you.
what is the discount code about?

what membership do you need for the discount?

My code I have written down is two or three years old. When I start to type it in the current code pops up.
Good thing you folks got the promo code. I think everyone can understand why we do NOT want it to be a public thing.

I have an order I want to place with MBC and I found there was a another supplier that sold MBC bullets for less than I could buy them directly from MBC. I was going to go ahead and go directly with MBC anyway, just because I like working with them. They have answered a bunch of questions for me so far, and I have not bought anything from them yet!

Then I went and recalculated things again, taking into account shipping and the promo discount. MBC actually came in a little less than the other supplier! No brainer from this point - going direct with MBC.

You will love those Missouri Bullets, no doubt! They shoot great and are very well priced. I have only found a few cheaper, but they do not offer the customer service, nor the options on the product that Missouri Bullet does.

If you have a facebook page you should follow them, just search there for Missouri Bullet.
Can someone PM me the code, and maybe tell me how much of a discount it is? I need to price some new 25-20 and 30-30 loads.
I too would like the code if possible. I've been using MBC for a while, and I'm going to need more .45s soon. Thanks :)
The discount code isn't a secret, Brad posted it on this forum himself. They changed the code a good while ago because someone posted it on another forum which IMO was a very wrong thing to do. Has the code been changed since February? If so and it really is a secret someone please PM me with it because I'm placing an order very soon.
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