Misty returns to the hunt.

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Jun 2, 2005
North Chesterfield, Virginia
For the benefit of the newer members, Misty is my charming wife, Sandy. Almost two years ago, November 27, 2007, while we were hunting, Misty suffered a ruptured aneurysm in her brain. By the grace of God, and with the help of a top notch rescue squad, helicopter/paramedic flight crew, and surgical team, she survived and continues to improve to this day.

November 28th of this year, two years and one day after "that day" as we call it, Misty will return to the field for the first time (Lord willing). Just last week she had asked me about going hunting again, and the next day she received an invitation to attend a handicapped hunt from the hospital where she did her rehab. I called yesterday and confirmed that we'll be there. This will be an organized southern style deer hunt, with dogs, using shotguns and buckshot. She's as excited as a kid at Christmas. She's never done anything like this. I will go along as her assistant.

She's liberated my new Mossberg 20 ga pump gun. It is now HER gun. Yesterday we picked up some buckshot for her. I figured we'd grab what we could find with the ammo shortage. We had to settle for 2 3/4 short magnun No. 3 buck, but I'll try to find some 3" No. 2 between now and the date. If not, No 3 will do the job. (Especially since I'll be backing her up with a 12 ga loaded with No 1.)

So y'all keep her in your prayers. Those of you who were here two years ago, remember those dark days when it didn't look like she'd still be with us much longer. And now she's going hunting again.

Praise God! And thanks to all of you who stood by us and prayed for us during that time.

There will be pictures.
This is a great story. I am very happy for you and your wife. I just lost my sister the other day from a brain tumor. The best of luck to you two.
Not open for further replies.