Wife's first deer!

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May 5, 2004
My wife decided she wanted to deer hunt with me this year. She killed her first one yesterday evening (a small buck). She used a Remington 700 youth in .243. I'm extremely proud of her. Seven years ago she could care less about guns. Now, she owns two handguns and the deer rifle. Just wanted to share my excitement.
Good job wheelen & wife. My mother is on about the same time table as your wife. Started about 4 yr ago wanting to learn to shoot for defence, Last yr she said she wanted to hunt. Been several times this yr. Missed a really hard 1st shot last Friday evening. I hope she gets one. There is a little more than a month in the Tex. season. Congrats. to both of you.
Good times, good eatin'. The family that slays together stays together.:)
Dang, am I the only one without a buck?

What ticks me off more, is I put effort into this hunting thing, and then someone waltzes in on their first try and gets a ten-point (so much worse that it was my brother).

Anyways, congrats. I'm sticking to ducks.
i met an 80-something year old the other day who hunts with his 80-something year old wife. he pulled a picture from his wallet showing the little lady kneeling next to a nice 6 point elk she had taken with her Weatherby rifle. i couldn't help but grin. the rifle was bigger than she was.
Another congrats to her (and you) here.

My husband just got his first one this year. I have to wait until next year after I've popped this kid out. Then watch out Bambi!
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