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Or the Model 13's predecessor, the Model 10-6 in .357 Magnum (which became the Model 13), with its heavy barrel, un-shrouded ejector rod, and fixed sights.
Hey guys, you can count me in the club too. I bought a 10-5 4" nickel at the local pawn shop back in December. I love it. I carry a Glock as an issue sidearm every day at work. I'm different from most 29 year old lawmen in that I would love to carry a revolver at work. A lot of my co-workers seem to scoff at me for carrying that Model 10-5 off duty, but the funny thing is, they don't carry anything at all off duty most of the time. It doesn't matter though, most of the ones who do couldn't shoot their way out of a paper sack with a Glock.
This thread is long overdue for a new post.

I finally found a 2" model 10. I have been looking for this exact gun for close to a decade but every example I have found in the past was in rough shape. This one is in very nice shape considering its age!!

Now, with the Bianchi Lightning hammer shroud grips it will be a new pocket gun for me.

Great way to revive a 6 year old thread. I was playing around with my Mini ipad camera the other day for the 1st time. The closest gun was this old S&W Model 10 HB that was sitting in my desk. The camera seemed to do a pretty decent job for a 5 Megapixel camera. The heavy barrel Model 10 was Jim Cirillo's favorite gun when he was on the NY Stakeout Squad. Good choice.

I bought a 4"HB and it's the most perfect D/A revolver I've ever shot! Added a set ofMilikuc grips that position it perfectlly for D/A shooting!
My "10"... sorta, kinda completely?

I dunno - not being an S&W identifying guy.

I got this from a fella up Idaho who used it in his capacity as a mine and lumber camp guard.

He had the lanyard loop added - off position due to the civie serial number location.

The thing is tight as a couple year old gun but suffered for its environment and holster - externally. Internal and bore are beautiful. It sure does point and shoot sweetly.

His ammo envelopes too.




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