Model 60 Stainless +p rated?

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I have access to a model 60 S&W in stainless steel. R174xxx (1977 I think) Can I shoot +p out of this for a comparison shoot?

I want to shoot this side by side with a few other snubs.

I think so. I always thought they dropped power levels of standard .38Spl and introduced +p to gain shelf space and make more money off the unknowing (British for ignorant).
I have an early 80's model 60. Shoot 125 gold dot +P exclusively. No problems.
Let's just say that in the days before everybody had a chrono that ammo manufacturers fudged on their velocity figures. Either they did things like shoot it out of 8", or extrapolated what they thought it should be, or just flat out lied.
This is correct. Many people on internet forums incorrectly think the .38 Special ammo of yesteryear was superior to today's loads. I test old factory ammo as a hobby, and can tell you the earlier stuff was not as fast as it was represented to be.
We shot +P all the time for requal in both K frame and J frame. The J frames held up fine, my fingers after 100 rounds of +P in a J frame, not so much.
The S&W +P 1050 fps becomes 880fps with a SAAMI vented barrel. If SAAMI uses a longer barrel then 2" , velocity will be less.
My M60 38 special does 790 fps average loading 5.3grs Unique with 163 gr home cast lswc..

Hodgdon +P reloading data has velocities in the 965/986 fps range using a 7" barrel. NOTE listed PSI. 18,500 PSI .

Going by velocity alone, Hodgdon +P would seem higher pressure then the old Smith & Wesson 1050fps.

But modern powders can work at safe pressures and produce higher velocity today.

SAAMI 38 Spec 17,000 PSI. 38 Special +P 20,000 PSI.
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