Movie gun bloopers

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I like watching the Italian westerns. They are really cool with 20 shot revolvers to civil war revolvers with swing out HE cylinders. And those guys can really shoot. A quick pew,pew,pew,pew, and 4 bad guys spin around and drop to the ground. It's part of the fun - enjoy it.
Life is too short to worry about any of the myriad aspects of human life that Hollywood depicts inaccurately.

While I can appreciate guys such as Michael Mann (Thief, Heat, Collateral, Miami VIce) whose productions get gun stuff right more often than not, it's no longer a big deal to me.

I enjoy movies (although the 1911 with 3-dot sights in a segment of the original Band of Brothers did annoy me).
Missing sights, backwards mounted scopes, no magazine in the well, pulling the charging handle before inserting the magazine......

The AR platform was designed to have an idiot-proof manual-of-arms and Hollywood still manages to muck it up........
I can overlook just about any Hollywood " muck-up, but what really burns my a$$ ( including a flame 3.5' high ) is an actor/actress fireing a Machine gun and not hitting one single bad guy, truth be told, you could mow grass with one.
Continuity is the one that I notice the most. There is no excuse for that, because no gun knowledge is needed to get it right.
Typical scenario, which I saw in a Jason Statham movie for example, was a gun which started out as a black autoloader, then became a silver revolver from another camera angle then was back to a black autoloader after that.
I look at these things as something to MST3000 the movie about...and that's entertaining in itself.

(And also the reason why my wife doesn't like to watch movies about the Navy with me...)

Like the time I was watching a Supernatural episode where a guy opened up his door to greet Sam and Dean with a double barrel shotgun. To the sound effect of a pump shotgun being racked. It makes me laugh!
I was watching a show the other night and a woman was buying a gun. She described what she wanted as "one of those 38's with the spinning thing". The clerk shows her a revolver and when he goes to wait on another customer she loads it then turns and fires exactly 4 shots, hitting and killing 4 people in the store. Pretty good marksmanship for someone who knows nothing about guns.

I'd guess most viewers wouldn't even realize how ridiculous that is.

But then on the other side of the coin I often see the bad guy behind a hostage with his entire head and shoulders exposed and the SWAT sniper is not very far away, yet he doesn't take the shot. Why not? I'm sitting there saying "Do it!"
I'm at the point where fictionalized accounts (books, movies and TV shows) really don't upset me as they did. Same with ignorant people, like the one who knew '... ever'thing (sic) about guns...' and claimed his RG was a Smith & Wesson. I am somewhat amused however.
My favorite is still the old TV series "The A Team" (middle 1980s). During an hour show, the heroes and villains would fire, collectively, somewhere between five and ten thousand rounds without a single person being injured. The only one hurt at all was the huge ugly villain who had the obligatory fist fight with 'B. A. Baracas'. Neither one of whom was damaged anywhere near what would result from a bare knuckle brawl.
If Dante was still around, he would have a sign over every movie theater, “Abandon reality all ye who enter here”.

I always get a kick out of every missed bullet sparking no matter what it hits.
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