The lowly butcher pattern has gone big time. It does allow more belly for skinning and fillet work, and the Nessmuk mod gives a bit better point, but the value of greater weight near the tip is lost in these diminutive versions. Nice aesthetics all the same.
Nessmuks weren't large knives, 4-5 inch blade, and were neutral balance so forward weight isn't a factor in the design. Some reasonably assume the Woodcraft Ideal Nessmuk fixed blade was a butcher knife with the tang cut to shorten the overall length. Most mini Nessmuks tried to keep that hump.

It is the forward "hump" that facilitated a forward pinch grip I find missing on many of these new SHOT Show versions.
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I have this one. Still getting to know it, but so far I like it. I put some flats on the handle sides and like that much better than the round handles it had.