Muzzle device


Jan 14, 2020
St Marys Georgia
Looking for a 1/2-28 muzzle device for my 6x45. The 6mm arc is on the street so this shouldn't be so difficult. HELP. Even a 6.5 wouldn't be terrible.
On a quick Google search I was able to find some muzzle brakes. Are you looking for a flash hider, brake, comp or mount for a suppressor? I found this one at Mid South Shooters online:

I've been itching for years to make a 6x45 rifle but haven't had the funds to go full custom nor the time to practice.
Follow extreme and pick up a barrel during one of their 20% off sales. I used this as an excuse to build an AR, but if you happen on a Savage with a roasted barrel, think 243, you could make it happen cheaper....
Will most likely be rebarreling my 6ARC with a Shilen but I haven't thought about threading it for a brake. Have never really shot with one either. The Savage has an omni brake on it now.