Muzzle Discipline

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May 15, 2007
I went to the range yesterday and I am so tired of watching bozos with guns. I watched a guy hold his gun pointing directly to the left at the guy in the next lane while he chambered a round. I told the guy to watch his muzzle. He gave me a dirty look and kept on with shooting. He kept doing it so I told the guy in the left lane, informed range personnel, and then I left.
At the gun club I belong to, any member can eject another member for safety violations. If the person refuses to leave, their membership can be revoked by the board. In practice, that would only happen if you pointed out their error and they insisted on continuing.
Do what I do...HIT THE DECK!!!!

Yeah, I was at the indoor range in Inglewood, CA and you see all gangstas renting out all the Glocks. Here's one genius, loading up a Glock behind the firing line (a big NO-NO) and as I'm walking passed him to exit, points his gun at me without noticing. I ran across from him to dodge any idiotic ND and he noticed what he was doing. He decides to point down and gave me a "Sorry Homie" look.
I hear of this all the time, but at the ranges I visit it is usually the opposite proble: Muzzle Nazis. Tilt your barrel 2 degrees away from bullseye and they're sanctimoniously climbing all over you.

Guess I wouldn't like what you described either.
When I was in basic training in 1981 I witnessed a lack of muzzle discipline by one recruit. Our CO was randomly checking behind some of us to see how we were shooting our M16s from the foxholes. When he came up behind one of the female recruits she turned around and pointed the muzzle directly at the captain's face and said "Am I holding this thing right?" He quickly ducked and smacked the muzzle away and screamed "Get the hell off this range!" She was not allowed to complete basic and was sent home.
I sure am glad I don't have to deal with that kind of crap.
We just go out into the desert and find us a nice secluded place.
I'm with cannonball. I learned by the threat of a serious beatdown from the cadre. Since I prefer to avoid a serious beatdown, I never had any problems...

Do what I do...HIT THE DECK!!!!


Actually, that's not a bad idea. I need to do something at the range I go to. Way too many of "God's special children" shooting there.
One of the reasons I joined a private club was to avoid this kind of stupidity. I used to shoot at a free public range and you would not believe the stupidity I witnessed out there. I've never seen seriously dangerous behavior at my club, but its nice to know I've got recourse if I do. I suspect that one of the reasons for my universally good experiences there so far is that there is almost never more than two other shooters at the range and I often have the place to myself.
I wish I lived in Ocala. Way too many folks coming and going down here. I'm looking into a club right now. You have to be sponsored to get in, so it's looking pretty good for avoiding the "special children"...
We rarely get bozos at our range, but when the rare one does appear, it's time to be elsewhere. But do report them to the range officer.
I learned by the threat of a serious beatdown from the cadre. Since I prefer to avoid a serious beatdown, I never had any problems...
Funny, this is how I learned too, by a retired army former rangemaster. Must be a common training method, but it worked for me.
"He gave me a dirty look"

that would not have went over well with me. I think I would channell the gunny for a few mins and a major ass chewing would comense. One thing to be ignorant/careless of saftey, another to be a :cuss: when being called on it
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