Minor range incident.

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Jun 17, 2003
I was at the firing line in huntington beach on sunday. I was just leaning against the back counter watching everyone. 4 guys were shooting about 4 lanes to my left. One of those guys turns around and says to me," hey i have same gun". While he is saying this he has the gun in his hand sweeping it across pointing it at everyone and ends up pointing it at me. :banghead: I tell him that he needs to point that thing down range and he says I know I know and continues to shoot. ***. Maybe the range rules need to printed in different languages. The guys english seem to be limited.
Yeah, I see stuff like that more often than I'd care to mention :( That's one reason why I don't shoot if the range is busy...to many yahoo's to keep an eye on! :eek: I've already told the range guys & they try to police the range as best as they can, but when they're busy, they're busy! :rolleyes:
I always try to go early Saturday or Sunday morning. Absent an NRA class or something, its never more than me and one or two others....
It was because of an incident similar to the one described that I quit going to a public shooting range.

Too many people have a short-span of concentration and simply do not think before they act. Then to cover up their lack of discipline, they pass over the incident a humorous event. I find nothing funny about someone pointing a loaded weapon at me.

I am fortunate that I have found a desert range where I may shoot without RO's or foolish shooters to spoil my practices.
That's why I try to avoid ranges all together. That and the draconian rules that they often have.

Two weeks ago I was at a range with my boys. It was my first time to this particular range and I was starting to get really annoyed with the attitudes of the range officers. They treated everybody like total idiots.

Sure enough, about 3 stations to my left there were 2 twenty-something men shooting a pistol and one of them has a ND. The guy was just standing there looking down range with his gun pointed up at about a 45 degree angle when his buddy said something to him. When he turned to look at his buddy, for some reason that movement was accompanied by a flexing of his right index finger. BOOM! I'm not sure how he didn't shoot the roof. If I hadn't had been looking I would have just assumed he fired down range like everybody else.

At that point I appreciated the range officers treating people like idiots. It's because some of them were idiots. :fire:

For me, I just prefer going into the woods.
We were there around 5:30 to 630. We had the 2 right lanes near the door. 15 and 16 i think.
I have always been very picky with whom I shoot ..... this is one major reason why.

Crazy thing is .. anyone at a booth can easily turn and talk to someone .... providing their gun is rested and pointing down range - easy, or even put it down! ...... why these guys have to turn WITH the gun and sweep everyone i cannot see ...... they should be barred from a range.
Sorry to get a little off topic, but i live right by the firing line (like, down the street almost) but i've never been. How are their prices and selection as far as rentals & ammo? I may head there some time soon.
It was because of an incident similar to the one described that I quit going to a public shooting range.

Stupid people and ???????s aren't limited to the public range. Have actually come into contact with more of them from a private range than the public one. :fire:
It was because of an incident similar to the one described that I quit going to a public shooting range.

Stupid people and ???????s aren't limited to the public range. Have actually come into contact with more of them from a private range than the public one. :fire:
Wow, that stinks!
But wether the guy speaks english or esperanto does'nt matter.
Gun safety crosses all language barriers.
Sounds like even if he did brush up on english, he'd still screw up.
You should have mentioned it to one of the guys out front when it happened. The group would have been called out and it wouldn't happen again.

That's the first bad thing I've heard about the Huntington Beach range. I usually try to avoid one of their other Firing Line locations because EVERY SINGLE TIME there's some idiot breaking one or two of the range rules. Every time I've had a gun pointed at me, it was at this specific location.
Wanna guess what kind of drivers these schmucks are? Into the woods to shoot and only back roads to get there. At least they'll still be able to ramble out loud in movie theaters.
Happened once to me too. Glad you're OK and no one else is hurt.:eek:
You don't want to hear what happened at my gun club last weekend......

I saw the largest number of firearms safety violations in recorded history. It was absolutely insane. Several non-members and members that only go a few times a year ignored so many saftey rules I was on the verge of smashing a few skulls. I chewed out the owners at my gun club and had several other members inside the main office with burning torches.

I found the prices @ firing line to be a little on the expensive side.

$18 per person, no discount for buying their ammo.

$9 per person if accompanied by a member.

they want $10 to rent a Beretta or a Sig Sauer!? :uhoh:

I shoot over @ On Target in Laguna Niguel. I like the atmosphere there more, the prices are a little lower, I think $18 for non members, $14 discount for buying their ammo.

$3.50 if accompanied by a member.

I'm usually there a few times a week, and of course you get your usual arrogant shooters. I jus' ask the RO to move me a few lanes down.

I stopped by Friday to try out my new Sig P226 w/ some friends. A guy shows up w/ his Kimber .45 ACP, wearing some sort of white workout jumpers.

Puts up a target, shoots his gun spraying us w/ his shells. Doesn't acknowledge that we're being nailed by his spent shells. I think I was hit about 4 times, my friends both twice each. Shoots a few magazines, then sits down, shoots a few more magazines then sits down again watching us. Acted like he was the s*** and snobby. He would shoot quite rapidly, I guess to impress the girls I brought w/ me. I looked over at his target, at less than 10 yrds she shot all over his sillouette target. Also had a bad case of flinching.

I let my friend use my Colt Government .45 ACP, she unloaded 1 shot per second, and got it all headshots. That made him shoot a lot slower :evil:

Sheesh, some people just dont know respect. But yet, I bet he was thinking what a bunch of brats we were... :p
Firing Line memberships ($125 a year) pay for themselves in about 3 visits if you bring a buddy and rent a gun and buy ammo.

Get a membership and bring your own guns and ammo. Ammo at the range is like food and drink at the theater.
Hey skunky, I obtained membership that same day. Maybe we can go together and you can teach me a few things. :)
Ah, life in the boonies!! Outdoor gun club, rarely have to share on weekdays. Rifle to 500yds, trap, skeet, pistol x2, 100yd all purpose, Main Street for 3 or 4 matches/yr. (Froze our butts off last Nov. at the Main Street Night Match and Weiner Roast!!). Oh, yeah--$75(I think)/yr for Family membership!
Bob, you're being cruel :evil:

I can accept the matches and the terrific range and even the $75/family fee. But a WEINER ROAST too? I'm green with envy.
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