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NCGV says no to state judges, NCGUN says yes

Discussion in 'Legal' started by NCGUN, Jun 17, 2005.

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  1. NCGUN

    NCGUN Member

    Mar 28, 2005
    Coastal NC
    This is NCGUN's official responce on HB 991 to the media,
    Lisa Price of the North Carolinians Against Gun Violence Education Fund,
    all members of the NC senate and NC house. All email addresses to
    reach everyone above is in the TO and CC section of the original
    message below. You are encouraged to send your own favorable letter
    to any one of the email addresses below. Note: the mailing address:
    house@probsd.org will email everyone in the NC house and senate@probsd.org will email everyone in the NC Senate. I realize we as normal citizens cannot carry in courthouses, and that this Bill will allow judges to. However, I believe that this is still a response we should advocate for the Judges.

    Michael Sharp
    NCGUN Admin
    GRNC Activist

    ------------ Original Message -----------------------------------
    North Carolinians Against Gun Violence says no to State
    Judges, NCGUN says YES

    Lisa Price, executive director of the North Carolinians
    Against Gun Violence Education Fund, has gone on record stating that she
    does not support Senate Bill 991 (Authorize Judge/Concealed Weapon in

    Her comment is outlined below:

    "I can understand the need judges might have to protect themselves outside a courthouse, for example when walking to and from their cars.

    That's different from being in a courthouse where you have law enforcement
    to promote public safety," she said. "If we need to have metal detectors
    or more security to do this, that's the route we ought to take, and not go
    back to the days of the Wild West. I think that's a huge step backward."

    However, NCGUN's stance on this issue is that everyone in the State of
    North Carolina should have the right to use a handgun for self defense
    regardless of where they are or where Mrs. Lisa Price thinks they should carry a gun provided that they meet the qualifications to have a concealed
    carry permit from the state.

    NCGUN also belives that Law Enforcement (LE) is not always the answer when
    it comes to self protection since reality suggest that if you are confronted by a gun wielding criminal on the streets of NC, there will
    likely NOT be a LE officer there to protect you unless you
    ask your assailant to hold on so you can call 911 and hope he/she also
    allows time for the police to arrive. Telling judges that it is ok to
    carry their concealed weapon to and from the courthouse, but not in the
    courthouse is insane. If a judge, or even a citizen, holds a concealed
    carry permit and is judged competent to carry on the streets by the State
    Bureau of Investigation, then what exactly changes when he/she is on
    the bench?

    Simply put, Self Defense situations happen anywhere, at
    anytime, and to anyone and we (including judges) should have the basic right
    to self protection anywhere.

    This exact sentiment is also echoed by the thousands of North
    Carolina concealed carry permit holders who have to endure very
    restrictive laws on where one can carry. Per NC law, a permitee is deemed safe to carry in Wal-Mart where there are at any given times hundreds of
    people. But, that same permitee is NOT allowed to carry into a movie theater
    because an admission fee is charged. To many people, they hear the State
    saying your life, or your children's life is valuable in wal-mart, but
    not in a movie theater and this is simply unrealistic.

    In closing, it's time to define "gun control" in NC as the
    control of criminals to get handguns, and not the control of handguns
    which keep legal firearms out of the hands of law abiding citizens.

    NCGUN Administrator
    GRNC Activist

    Cc: GRNC Legislative Team and President
    All 300+ NCGUN members
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