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Jan 2, 2003
There is a Remington 700 stainless, laminated stock, chambered in .260 Remington in the local shop. Has a nice Burris scope. In perfect condition, they are asking $629.

Guys, I am in love. The rifle is a beauty, and I have researched the caliber and think it would be a great all-round whitetail caliber here in Georgia.

Stop me quick if there is a reason not to buy this. Tomorrow is my decision day.

Sounds GREAT. I have a Signature select. I consider them to be equivalent in value to the Leupold VariX III (older) series. Sounds like a good buy. Just check it over, rifling, trigger creep and weight, smoothness of bolt, fit and finish, etc. If they measure up, GO FOR IT. I don't often give such unqualified endorsements, but it does sound good.

Maybe ask the dealer to check scope alignment with a bore sighter, just so when YOU sight it in it will be close. It will also give you an idea how the former owner did. (of course we all sight in a little differently)

Good luck in your decision.
Part of the good news is that they guy who traded it in is a regular at the shop. He (to an even greater degree than me!) will put together a package, shoot it a few times, then move on if it doesn't hold his interest. All his stuff is as-new.
Those stainless laminated rifles are something. I have rugers, but I know what the appeal is. You'll particularly like the the durability of the laminated stocks over their regular wood cousins.
don't get it. Instead send it to THunder shooting supplies in Milton Wis. I'll pick it up on Wed.:)

I'm on here getting more info on the .260, just ran ballistics calc. on it- Darn nice 2800fps
dead on at 200
22.6 low at 400
1336 FPE

it beats a 25-06 w/ 115gr at 3000 by 200FPE at the 400, with both having little kick and the .260 is more compact. If you look on gun broker there is usually on 2-7 260's on the sight.

I NEED ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did mess around with it after doing a quick comparison between it and the 25-06. At 240 yard 0, never went above 3 and was only ~7" low at 300. Very nice.

Sounds like a pretty good deal. Burris scopes are high quality. Try to squeeze off a little of the cost. Offer $600 and see if they bite. If not $629 is still a steal.
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