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Mar 17, 2015
I went to the range today with my Colt Defender 45 ACP and a HiPoint 45 carbine. I was shooting Missouri bullet 185 gn HiTek coated. This is the third or fourth box that I have used with no problems at all. Today, I couldn't fire more than one or two in a mag without a failure to feed. Same results in both the carbine and Colt. I also tried some in a Reminington 45 with the same results. The length appears to be okay. Any ideas?
Will need more information than just bullet type.
Photo's would help , OAL of loaded rounds , powder , charge weight and primers used.
Were primers seated fully , to the bottom of the pocket. Type of equipment used to assemble reloads and type of dies used would help.
Dirty guns. If Remington factory isn't feeding its a gun or magazine problem.
Forgot the other info. The bullet is 185 gn LSWC 7.8 gn CFE pistol & CCI primer. The powder and primer type is irrelevant as is the primer depth. When the round chambers, firing and accuracy are both normal. The problem is one or two rounds out of a mag don't feed. I think the problem is with OAL. I've been using these same bullets for a couple of years and the die settings haven't been changed.
I think the problem is with OAL. I've been using these same bullets for a couple of years and the die settings haven't been changed.
These two sentences seem to be contradictory. If the OAL has been fine for two years, and you haven't changed anything, why would you suspect that's the problem?

By any chance are you using the same mag in these various guns? More than one feeding problem has been traced to a corrupted mag.
Different mag in each weapon. After looking at the rounds more closely, I believe I seated them too deep. The bullet ogive is even with the rim of the case. How the setting on my die changed is a mystery.
Is it possible that the bullets in the latest box of bullets you opened up have slightly different profiles than the bullets from the previous boxes?

Could you have some gunk built up in your die's seating stem?

Just curious - trying to help.:)
Have you a caliper? What length? Some pistols will feed an empty brass. What type failure? Stovepipe, stuck in chamber, nose-up nose-down? Too little information...
My guess is dirty chambers, never used your brand of bullets but have had some problems with coating on other brands. I'm very care in cleaning chambers they can get build up over time causing failure.
^^^^^ this can cause a lot of problems if you have been shooting lead. Use a wire brush on a drill to scrub it real good.

When it comes to setting LSWC I have modified my seating stem to only contact at the shoulder. This will give you a consistent OAL and they will always go in straight. Self aligning.
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