Needing A Good Gunsmith????

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Sniper 51

May 27, 2010
I recently had an action job done on my Model 13 by a "reputable gunsmith". After about 300 rounds fired thru it, the hammer locked up on me.

I had recently met one of our members on this thread known as Carbon 15. After a few meetings and doing some shooting together at the range, I found out he was a gunsmith.

I let him take a look at my Model 13. Within 24 hours he had it back up and running and explained in detail how some steps had been bypassed by the previous "gunsmith".

Anyone needing any gunsmith work done, I highly recommend Carbon 15 on this website. Drop him an email. He can supply photos of some of his work as well. His work is top notch, nice guy to work with, and very reasonable.

Carbon 15 will be doing ALL of my work from now on.
Thanks jeff...

For those interested, I specialize in refinishing and S&W action tuning. But can handle just about any gunsmithing chore.
Jeff got to try some of my personal S&W's and can attest to my work...I think he would have stolen my Model 66 if I had turned my back long enough:)
BTW, the parts came in for the SP-101...we need to go shoot it when I get it done.
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