Never been a big fan of the semi-auto. Except

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Feb 14, 2015
Custer SD
Growing up (early 70's) I had the opportunity to handle and shoot both revolver and semi autos. During those formattable years I gravitated to the six shooter. Today I am still a wheel gun guy. With all that said. I do enjoy several semi's. I own and carry in my rotation a Shield 9mm. For me I think it's the best small sized 9mm out for ccw. Had a G19 I liked. But then found the SD9-VE to be a better fit and shooter. I had a wonderful Springfield loaded model 45acp that I let get away. But for the semi auto I have become a true fan of the 9mm. I dont belive you could ever go wrong with carrying this caliber of weapon.
Same here. Trained on and carried revolvers at first, including in law enforcement. Never shot my first issued autoloader as well as a revolver.

Today, I favor shell-spitters for defensive duty, and steel-wheels for pretty much anything else.

And, yes, 9x19mm Luger is pretty much my go-to round for carry; I carry a Kel-Tec PF9 currently (sometimes a Ruger P95), and have a Taurus G2C on the way.
i’m a long time revolver guy but a new and most pleasant sig p238 is luring me over to the dark side, albeit in 380acp only. well, to be honest, there is also a very much loved ruger sr22.
I have not yet bowed down to the alter of the 9mm, but then I'm an old curmudgeon who doesn't get out much. I probably won't live enough longer to get tired of the venerable 45 ACP. Been carrying one model or other chambered for that cartridge since April of1974. First 1911s but in later years Glocks.


PS: I too started with revolvers, first single actions then a double action S&W in the academy. I still shoot them for fun...and my favorite DA revolvers are 45 ACPs. (smile)
Let's see if I understand this thread. What I have just read is that revolvers are superior to semi-automatics except when they are not, which seems to be when everything is about as good, and that is most of the time. Right. Makes sense to me.
I think wheel guns have their place but I don’t have one.
As for caliber wars. I see 9mm being best when you want to carry more ammo. 45 ACP is excellent for making big holes. 40 S&W seems to be a good choice for a big hole with more energy than 45 ACP.

I don’t have a 40 but if one were to come about at the right price I’d consider one. I guess I figure having a few 9mm and a 45 doesn’t lock me into one caliber so when the next shortage comes about I can use small and large primers and have choices.
I am not putting any caliber down, nor am I saying the revolver is better then a semi. I am just saying for me a 9mm is my choice and the revolver is my main love.
I just think autoloaders have gotten more reliable out of the box. If you disregard operator induced failures.(Such as bumping slide lock), magazine failures on new unproven magazines, and ammo failures (such as out of dimension or failure to fire) I've seen zero failures in the last 6,000.rounds.

None of the ammo failures were with carry ammo and I've had one out of dimension and one failure to fire in 6,000 rounds on $0.17-$0.24 (Depending on Caliber) per round ammo.
"If you disregard operator induced failures.(Such as bumping slide lock), magazine failures on new unproven magazines, and ammo failures (such as out of dimension or failure to fire) I've seen zero failures in the last 6,000 rounds."

That's the problem. The failures weren't the pistol's fault, but they were still failures.

On a typical range session my FiL and I shoot about 600 rounds total, about 300 through semiautomatic pistols and about 300 through revolvers. It's typical for us to have at least one failure with the semiautos. It's very rare for us to have a revolver failure. Sure, we bring good semiautomatic pistols and the failures "aren't their fault'. One of us limp-wristed it, or there was a bad primer, or the cartridge was slightly misshapen so that it fit in the magazine but not in the chamber, or we bumped the slide or engaged the safety or whatever. Admittedly, some are failures of 22lr's and some are failures of reloads where the cartridge is stretched a bit funny or something.

Still, it makes me feel more comfortable with a revolver for CC. If someone jumps out of a bush and grabs you around the throat because they want your keys and wallet, you will not be able to clear a problem. Your handgun will either discharge immediately and properly, or you will be done for. I do carry semiautos sometimes, but revolvers make me feel more comfortable.
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I know I don't get to shoot as much as some folks here but I have very seldom had failures with my semi-autos. The only one I remember happening recently was due to a bad round. After I dropped the magazine out & cleared the jam I tried to manually drop it into the chamber. It wouldn't go in that way either. This doesn't concern me that much because it was with inexpensive FMJ. The pistol runs 100% with quality JHP. I don't carry inexpensive FMJ for defensive purposes.
Depends on where I’m at and who I’m with. If my daughter is around I carry a NY reload and a LCRx.
I prefer other cartridges, but disposable aluminum case 9mm is so cheap now, I can't reload my preferred calibers for less than I can shoot 9mm for, and I can let the empties fall where they may instead of stressing about losing any expensive .460 Rowland or .40 Super brass.

9mm may not stay this cheap forever, but I'm taking advantage of the price while I can. Besides, it was a believable excuse for buying another gun...
Please, no offense intended to revolver fans. I get the attraction, and many are superb example of fine machinery. I just never felt enough of a desire to own one to cause me to shell out the bucks. It's probably my bias towards newer tech stuff over older tech stuff. I just view the revolver concept of rotating loaded chambers as "old," technology. So, you have the obvious limited shot capacity, a high bore axis, slow reloading (unless you're really well practiced with a speed loader), the thickness of the cylinder (if you're concealing), and, costly. Reliability? Sure, but today's autoloaders have gotten very, very good.

All that being said, if someone wanted to give me a stainless 686, I wouldn't turn it down.
I've come to love revolvers lately, but still loved 9mm.

I felt like there was no good solution, I felt trapped with no possible way out until I discovered...

I put one of those Alfa-Proj through its paces. I had to use 947 moon clips because it came with so few and importer was rationing number sold when I bought the gun. It worked fine but after about 300 rounds it was hard to load and extract cartridges/cases. In this it was same as shooting .45colt out of Freedom Arms .454 ie had to clean the cylinder. In other respects the Czech K-frame performed ok.
When I first started out with handguns, a revolver was pretty much standard fare for most of my handguns. Then before too long I became interested in semi-autos, being fascinated by their design, function, and ability to quickly reload with a magazine. The 9mm. gives me very capable performance (at a rather inexpensive cost), in an autoloader and provides me with many options in terms of pistol selection based on overall size, weight, and magazine capacity. My handgun collection has ten 9mm.s in it and every one of them has a specific use and application for them.
The recent improvements in bullet designs has made the 9mm a serious contender as a SD round. And .380 not far behind.
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