New factory Bearcat with adjustable sights

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I think Ruger should concentrate more on quality than on new products. I have bought four new rugers in the last few years and had to send two of them back for repairs, one was a bearcat and after two trips back for repair they finally sent me a new one. Don't get me wrong I am a BIG fan of Ruger but lately their quality sucks. Just my opinion.:)
The frame looks meaty enough to allow .22 Magnums :)
Those gigantic adjustable sights are way out of synch with the Bearcat's overall style and small size :(
I really don't see the sights any more out of place on the Bearcat than they do on the Blackhawk. Substantial difference in appearance between the Vaquero/New Vaquero and the Blackhawk but apparently, it doesn't keep people from buying them. :rolleyes:
I am very eager to check one of these out. The adjustable sight picture of the Single Six works a lot better for my eyes than the fixed sight picture of the original Bearcat, so this should prove to be more shootable for me.
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Going against the grain here. I think it kind of defeats the purpose of the elegant minimalist Bearcat. For those who like it, great. For those of us who thought the Bearcat was about the perfect tackle box gun maybe not so much.

I've a shopkeeper bearcat which I can admire for the minimalist approach
Now I can buy a stainless adjustable. Like potato chips u can't have just one ;-)))))
Having shot both versions, I'd take the new one all day long over the older one.

Nice to have a GOOD sight picture, great to be able to mate the sights to a given load at a given distance, and the new one here can do at 25 yards what the last one I had here could only pull off at 15 (and STILL shooting low).

If you want to HIT stuff, the new one'll do it. :)
While I agree the cowboy sights featured on the old Bearcat are pretty hard for me to see at 66 yo, regulating them when they shoot low is a pretty simple fix. Sighting a target like a grouse or rabbit head at 25 yds and then being able to see my front sight to take aim is another matter not addressed by adjustable sights. I bet YMMV.
No files needed on the new one, much more visible sight picture, no bending, turning, or filing to adjust for windage.
As a shooter, gets me a LOT more of that variable mileage. :)
I agree with everything you have said Denis. All my centerfire guns wear adjustable sights as well as my Mark II Ruger .22. Since I have pretty much settled on loads for them all, I haven't adjusted the sights since 1993 or so.
It is strictly my opinion, which I don't expect anyone else to share, the adjustable sights on a Bearcat are a little bit easier to see but unnecessary (and butt ugly).
I love the cute little Bearcat, but don’t care for the fixed sights. I sent my SS Bearcat to have J frame sights installed. Makes it much better. This new version should be even better.
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