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Let's see, I'm a new member, I like long guns mostly, my favorite is my sharps sporter rifle, which was bought by my grandfather's grandfather (who ran guns and money to the fenians in Ireland) in 1878, just 2 years after coming to this country. The thing will still shoot as good as any gun I've ever fired, and I hope to give it to my grandchildren's grandchildren. I do a little bit of gunsmithing just for fun, and am slowly acquiring more tools for this.
I'm a not so new member of TFL, and go by MTHALO over there.
I just moved to Florida this year, and I'm primarily into military surplus firearms. I appreciate the history behind them.

I'm also into the political side of gun ownership, and view the right to keep and bear arms as a basic human right.
I'm Hud (an obscure nicknane for Richard). I'm in central Cal.
I had been hanging out on a couple of Mauser forums, but wound up here looking for info. on an 1870 Uruguayan Rolling Block. Hooked up with Vic303 in the Great State of Texas, who has the twin to my rifle. Thanks to all on that thread for your help. As a result, I am going to get the dies and components to get the old smoke pole fired up again.
My primary arms are Mauser pattern rifles, altho I have others too numerous to mention here.
I got into reloading because my Son and I have several Mausers between us.
Besides the 8mm, I load .30-06, .308, .300 Savage, .30-30 Win., and soon .43 Spanish.
I am on the pm side of 61 and not married (any more). I've been de-primed twice, and I don't think my old brass could take another full length resizing.

GREAT SITE! I have felt comfortable and welcome here since I came on board.

Regards, Hud
Hey everyone. I'm not brand new, but i never really formally introduced myself. I'm Chris, I'm 20 years old and from the Twin Cities Area in Minnesota. I'm a gun nut, avid hunter, fishermen, and shooter. I'm en route to aquiring a permit to carry. And i'm in my second year of college. Welcome to all new members. And thank you to everyone for your gun knowledge.
hello everyone, my name is Julian, i live in riverside california and am 19 years old, my three passions are guns, cars, formula one racing, making models of cars, fishing, basketball, and many other things as well. i am proud to have a beard and i am also as straight as an arrow. i fallow the law diligently and try to never break it, even when it comes to jay walking and speeding. my love for guns started when i was about 2 years old. i was watching a war movie, and something just atrracted me to guns, espcially a fully automatic M16A1. then as time whent by i became more and more into guns. at age 5 i was so intrested in them that i tried to by gun magazines but was often told i had to be 18:mad: my love for guns at such an early age lead me to really be into anyting that shot projectiles. naturally this ment i would take up the sligshot at the age of 5. damn did i become a great shot with it, rember at this age i didnt really see the true value of life. this ment many a bird, lizard, gopher, rat, raccoon, etc... saw the end of its life by my hands. even today i am a damn good shot, not as good as i used to be, and i still shoot my sling shot often. my love for guns only grew and grew. my mom was always freaked out about the idea of me owing a gun or bb gun and didnt like me even having my sling shot. my dad, who often had to follow my mothers rules, was willing to let me have a bb gun at age 10 for christmas. did i also mention my brothers were into guns aswell, but not as much as me:p so for chirstmas me and my younger brother both got bb guns which we were able to pick out. of course we had our fun and then the invetiable in riverside, the majority of the houses are urbanized, one next to the other, thier isnt acers betweens us and the neighbor, only feet. eventually a neighbors window ended up being broken:what: and it was blamed on us:fire: , i still have my doubts today as if we actually broke it, it look like something other than a bb hit it. that ment the bb guns were tooken away:cuss: and something happen to me. i was afraid i would break another window, so even when we got our bb guns back afte a year, i only shot it rearely when we were in a very open feild with no possiblity of breaking a window. eventually the gun fever kind of died and even our bb guns broke. so a period whent buy from about age 11 to age 16 where i didnt shoot anything, not even my slingshot for fear of breaking a window. but my love for guns was faustered by otherthings. seeing movies with schwazanger, like preditor and his M16A1 m203. also the history channels tales of the gun. i began reasearching guns, it always amazed me how automatics worked with out batteries. and i expanded my knowledge to the point where i could sit with other gun lovers and talk for hours about designes, calibers, actions etc... then my love for guns hit a fever pitch, i was 18 had a car and wanted to shoot again. i told my mom how i felt, that i was resposible enough to have a bb again. so i decided to buy me a nice 1000 fps bb gun. thats when i noticed the price range $150-$300:mad: i figured whats the point in buying a bb gun for that price i might as well go for a real gun:D i knew that my first gun would always be a .22 rilfe because of the factors i still beleive this is the best starter gun anyone can buy. i began reasearching .22 rifles but none that i saw suited my taste. this is kind of funny, then i saw the eposide of king of the hill where bobby is great shot and him and hank enter the shooting contest. there is one scene when hank says boy i cant remeber the last time i shot a rile, but i bet it was a marlin and a texan was in the white house. so i looked up marlin and like what i saw. the Marlin 795 especially appealed to me and lucky for me the local big 5 sold them. so i somehow convinced my mother that i am responsible enough for a real firearm. i said mom, a .22 in infamous for being a varmit killer and really nothing more, just think of it as the most powerful bb gun:neener: i told my dad that i was going to buy the rifle. then my dad suprised me. he told me about how he had a love for guns as strong as mine, but my mother was always aganist him having one, and with having children in the house, my dads love eventually died:( so i whent and bought my marlin .22 in agaust 06. that is one of the days i will never forget:) than i finally picked up my gun on the 14 of agaust 06 and shot it with my brothers for the first time 2 days later. my dream had come true, and all my suspeions were proven correct, guns are simply amazing:evil: about a month later i took my dad shooting and told me how great it was and about how he always dreamed of shooting with his boys. he said it was funny because he thought no one in the family would ever own a gun. at the shooting range we also rented and shoot a glock 9mm and a 12 gauge shotgun. all of these guns at first frighten me:uhoh: because of how much more power they packed than my .22 my mom still dosent like the idea of me owing a gun. unforatnley for her i have already bought another one. a yugo mauser m24/47 which i will be able to pick up on friday:D fyi my favorite guns are M1 Garand, M16, the Mauser bolt actions, M14, Colt.45, HK MP5, Thompson 45, MP44, and many many more. my arsenal currently contains my Marlin 795 .22LR and my Yugo Mauser m24/47 trust me this collection will only grow;)
New in New York

Hi, I'm a law student in New York City, and am a fairly lonely second amendment supporter here. I grew up in upstate New York, where people aren't quite so hostile to guns, but I never learned how to shoot. Now that I'm down here I've become more intensely aware of that lack. I've come to feel that it is my duty to learn how to operate firearms and to speak up on gun rights. Is there anyone here from New York City who could help me out?

Hello - new member, formerly a British "subject", enjoying American Freedoms. I like traditional guns - got nothing against modern technology - but have a passion for revolvers and lever rifles.

My favorite piece in the safe, though seldom shot, is a simple .303 Enfield, the same one Grandpa was issued in the war.
All-Around Guy

Got hooked on this site reading Mr. Nightcrawler. I do corporate security. (No... not a mall ninja) I love to hunt waterfowl and upland game. I also do a fair amount of controling the prairre dog population. I reload all my ammo for my handguns and rifles. It's been fun reading the posts of all you here. Some are good and some are bad.
Mike here

Hi I'm Mike, a transplanted Bostonian. My interests are purely pistols asd i can no longer shoot longarm. Have a CC permit but rarley carry. In the winter I'm always off to the range, just having fun. I still have the first pistol I bought 25 years ago, a walther PPK. Something about it just makes me smile. Not a great shot but OK. Great forum.
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Hi. I'm not strictly new, I've been lurking for nearly two months, but this is my first post.

I live in NH and have always felt a firearm was essential and inexpensive insurance against whatever misfortune may arise - from the neighborhood black bear to the apocalypse. But I grew up in a home without guns, and until recently never had much worth insuring. Now that I'm married, own a home, and hope to start a family soon it was definitely time.

As an unadulterated information addict, I began scouring the internet to find the single, perfect firearm. I settled on a short-barreled 20ga Mossberg 500. It was about as inexpensive as any great gun could be and able to fill just about every crucial role reasonably well (save ccw - or, at least, comfortable ccw).

So it was decided! All I had to do was ask permission of the SO. . .

I prepared for a heated battle. I went over the discussion time and again in my head. For days I perfected my logic-fu. First words out of her mouth: "Can I have a GLOCK?!"
:what: :eek: :D :cool:

So, to make a long story longer, we ordered up the shotgun and I've spent nearly every waking moment since either at the range or reading about guns and ammo. As excited as my wife is about the Glock, I've been informed that since our most critical needs are served by the Mossy, we need a bedroom set before I can buy any more firearms. But I've got the next five or so purchases planned out already. Next year will be the year of the gun(s).

Welcome to THR folks!

libertyhawk, there are ranges in NYC (yes, NYC) that you can go to that have basic handgun classes. Also, look up Mathew Temkin and PM him. He's a shooting instructor on Long Island.

New York - Westside Rifle and Pistol Range, Inc/Blue Steel Gun Club, Inc., 20 West 20th Street, New York, NY 10011.
Phone: 212-265-3143
Facilities include: Indoor Pistol (50 ft), Indoor Rifle (50 ft)
Evenin' gents

Hows everyone tonight? Came across this fourm while surfing some others and decided to sign up. I live in Ontario Canada, 20 years old, volunteer firefighter, just finished college, and love my guns. Ill shoot almost anything, clay, paper, deer, etc. I enjoy hunting, 3 gun, and trap shooting the most. Heres some of my collection so far, working on building it up, most of my huntin rifles aren't on here either.

Looks like a good active fourm, I think I will enjoy it.
I'm tommy from NC. Originally, I'm from TN. I'm a retired Army guy of 24 yrs. My handle is ranger53. This is a pretty good forum here and I'm glad that I'm hopefully one of you. I was reading a thread last night, abiout the hunter who fell out of his tree stand and was killed. I could not believe how vicious the a-n-t-i-s are. It hurts that I have at times put myself in harms way to protect these one-cell beings and their right to say what they say.
howdy all,

sorry for "lurking" for so long without introducing myself, but there is just so much good stuff to read.

my name is paul, and i'm a shootaholic. it started with a glock 22, and just this week i picked up a taurus thunderbolt. looking forward to this weekend to try it out.

btw, i'm in southern caifornia.

I'm fairly new. Developed an interest in guns just after buying a chunk of land in the country last summer. I'm 47.

For some completely unknown reason, I have been attracted only to Lever action rifles. I have no explaination for this. I never noticed the type of rifles used in cowboy movies in the past so it can't come from there. Either way a lever action rifle does it for me. They just feel "right" in the hand and are more compact or something.

I have a 3030 Win 94, Marlin 39A and an old Win model 77 semi auto.22.

I'm from British columbia, Canada.

THR is a great site with some really fine people !