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New Reciprocity: AR & Maine, AR & NH, NC & NV

Discussion in 'Legal' started by Gary Slider, Aug 9, 2010.

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  1. Gary Slider

    Gary Slider Member

    Apr 6, 2006
    West Virginia
    Arkansas has signed Reciprocity agreements with Maine and New Hampshire. AR now honors 35 other states. Maine 6 and NH 21.

    North Carolina has added Nevada to the list of states it Honors. That gives them a total of 33 states they honor. NV looks at other states laws every year and adds or subtracts states that meet their requirements. They don't ask for the other state to honor their permit/license. NV honors 13 other states permit/licenses. NV added NC to its list a few months back.

    A note of Caution: Do be aware that NC will only honor a New Hampshire Resident Permit. NC will honor non resident permits from the other states they honor. They have told me that NH wanted it this way. NH has raised their Non Resident Permit cost to $100 from $20 and it looks to me like they are trying to discourage people from applying for their Non Resident Permit.

    On another Note I am getting lots of email about Iowa and their new Law. Their new law does not go into effect till 1/1/11. At that time Iowa will become Shall Issue and Honor all other states permit/licenses. Until 1/1/11 Iowa is still May Issue and DOES NOT Honor any other states permit/license.

    One other Note. A Michigan Ct held that a man didn't inform the officer fast enough when stopped for a traffic violation. He just handed him his permit/license and waited 40 seconds (From Police Cam). The Ct Ruled that just handing him the permit/license was not informing and that 40 seconds was not immediately. (this from MCRGO)
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