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New Ruger SR22 pistol review and Range Report

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Lastmaninzombiewar, Jun 3, 2012.

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  1. Lastmaninzombiewar

    Lastmaninzombiewar Member

    Mar 10, 2012
    NE Illinois not Chicago
    All gunowners always get a warm excited feeling when they purchase a new firearm. At least I know I do. You're always wondering if you got a good deal, picking up somebody else's problem, or just made a bad decision. Given the rising cost of firearms today this decision is often amplified.

    After careful evaluation I determined I needed a new 22 pistol for practice. Putting it honestly my pistol skills had fallen off. I know in the ego driven world of the gun culture admitting that you are not the master sniper and door kicking CQC Rambo that may open me to ridicule goodnatured or otherwise. Like many though I take my skills seriously, hence my new purchase.

    I was looking for a 22 semi automatic pistol with a look and feel of a modern tactical pistol. I looked at and considered the Sig Mosquito, the Walter P 22 and the Ruger SR 22. I chose the Ruger, and am very please with the purchase.

    Here are a few quick reasons why. Ergonomics - the Ruger fit exceptionally well my hand was, light well-balanced and had a good texture on the grip. Value - The Ruger came in slightly less MSRP to the other two and I was able to find one on Gunbroker for approximately $265 before shipping and transfer. My local gun shop recently put one out for retail sale at $375. They are a little hard to come by in my area. Fit & Finish - In my opinion was a wash with the other two, all are quality manufactured firearms. Some people have noted some minor feed problems with Sig. So I went with made in America. And it was also very tacticool.

    Somebody at Ruger should be getting a freaking raise, they definitely did their homework on this pistol. And in my opinion I believe the price will be going up on these pistols in the future, as the demand increases.

    Range Report: I ran approximately 500 rounds of mixed ammo from Winchester, CCI, Federal and Centurion through pistol in under two hours. I had no FTF or extraction failures at all. The double action trigger while long and a little stiff was easy to get used to, the single action trigger was very nice. The pistol was fairly accurate for a short barrel and had an awesome flash if you're into that. This pistol could be even cooler if it had a threaded barrel for a silencer or a compensator. But given that this pistol is new for 2012 I'm sure there will be many add-ons and accessories coming. If anybody out there at Ruger is reading this review please give us a larger capacity magazine if possible. And where are the replacement magazines all my local dealers say they are not available at this time, two is never enough.

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  2. ritepath

    ritepath Member

    Aug 17, 2010
    A friend of mine has one....he says it'll eat any and all ammo.
    Wonder when they'll have a threaded barrel version?
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