New Spyderco Mule Team 12

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Mar 12, 2008
I just got the new Spyderco Mule 12 re-release in Cru-Wear.


I have not decided what I'm going to do for scales yet. I could 550 Cord wrap it but that looks kinda cheap, I don't care for the half ass fitting Halperin scales and I'm not a knife maker - So hand fitting some Micarta would be a real learning experience....

Scales aside this is a nice knife. The edge as delivered is shaving sharp but kind of toothy under magnification, probally cuts rope great..... with the hardness and wear resistance of this Cru-Wear steel it should make a great all purpose knife.
I guess you'll have to put it though its paces to give us a good performance based review.

Looking forward to that.
Yeah, I'm looking forward to hearing how it works for you, as well.

Is there a nice index anywhere of different MT reviews by someone who has used them and quantified (or, heck, even qualified :)) objective/subjective differences based on steel? I'm surprised thus far at the lack of apples to apples comparisons. Seems like everyone gets a MT and then just uses it rather than evaluating compared to other MTs.
So Halpern Titanium seems to have figured out how to make the scales fit the tang better - So I ordered a set today. Micarta in Earth Brown color. Once they come in I'm going to get to putting this steel to use.

conwict - I think alot of people just buy them to have them honestly.... Collectors if you will.

The cost varies depending on the steel and honestly I don't see myself buying a whole bunch of them just to do "Destructo Dan" type testing on them.

I'm a knife user and I am hoping that once I have the scales installed this will balance out well, and cut well. If so it will make a good fixed blade to put in a BOB or use camping and hunting, which is what I intend to do with it.

I will update with new pics once the scales come in.
My Halpern Titanium scales (made from Micarta) arrived and I've been working this little knife a bit today.

The Halpern scales fit pretty well. A tad small around the circumfrence (about .020") of the tang but it's very even and dosen't look bad at all. You don't even notice it in the hand. The checkering on the scales is muted (not sharp) but still very grippy. I don't forsee any problems holding on to this knife. The shape fits just right for my hands. The hardware is stainless and they were very easy to install with a T10 Torx. Overall the Halpern scale kit is quality product and well worth the $40. I'd like to add their staff is great and my purchase went perfect.

Here is a pic of the scales installed.


On to using the knife itself.

The Cru-Wear alloy seems very tough and holds an edge like nobodys business.

First thing I did was use the knife to open the cardboard box the scale kit came in. I also used it install a new valve in one of house toliets today and cut a little bit of rubber line with, I've also used it to shave some sticks into kindling.... The factory edge is still shaving sharp, a days worth of general house work hasn't hurt the edge one bit.

The Spyderco Mule 12 Cru-Wear is quite a handy size for general use.... While I won't go hammering it thru any trees it's plenty large enough to skin out and prepare game, cut rope, open boxes and what not. With a good sheath (I'm working on that) it's going to become a welcome addition.

I'm going to use it for the next few weeks whenever I need a knife and see how the edge continues to hold up.

IMO if you can get one of these Spyderco Mule's - You should. If you want easy to install scales for your Mule Halpern Titanium has them.
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