New Spyderco Mule Team on the way-CTS-BD1

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Jan 4, 2011
Ordered another Spyderco Mule Team tonite, this one is in CTS-BD1 from Carpenter Steel here in the US.

CTS-BD1 is patterned on Gingami I (also known as G2), the gold-standard for Japanese cutlerers. Its superior edge retention and surface finish are machined to a fine edge and it heat-treats consistently. From a performance standpoint, it’s a winner and it’s used in Spyderco’s latest Mule Team fixed blade.

The fun of course will be deciding on scale materials. I have done quite a few of these and normally gift the knife after scaling and testing...I have very happy male I have done wraps, polymer, horn, wood. And I still have this CPM M4 to do as well...


These Mule Team knives represent some very under-rated values in the fixed blade field today. With a 3 1/2 in blade and 7 3/4 OAL they make excellent camp and general use knives.
I talked to Sal about these yesterday. He says they think of it as market research. :)
It is market research, a way to get feedback on a particular steel before committing to a large lot for a manufacturing run. The mule team knives are done in very limited numbers and if the feedback on a steel is good you will likely see it in either a sprint run or a regular run. The blade design is the same for every steel and it really is a nice pattern for a user.

I have done both micarta and G-10 in the past...I do have a warthog tusk sitting around here somewhere as well as some stag....
Well the CPM M4 ended up wearing Ranger Green checkered G-10 scales...still haven't decided on the CTS-BD1 scales.

Now I need to dig out the Kydex and form a sheath for it or order a leather one from Jantz...haven't decided yet.
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