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NEW TOY!!!! sp-10

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Iansstud, Apr 3, 2009.

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  1. Iansstud

    Iansstud Member

    Jul 11, 2008
    Ive had my New Special Weapons SP-10 for almost 3 weeks now, But today was the 1st chance I've really had to use it.

    I was soo excited the day I got it, I drove straight home, Ran inside grabbed my 9mm ammo, topped off the 30rd mag, took aim, and pulled the trigger. I think it went something like this...

    Boom, click... pull out the FTE:fire: and Boom click... "dammit!!!":fire:

    I was in a very bad mood for the next 15min....

    I finally took the damn thing apart, (I had no clue how the roller system worked) I figured it out. I looked on the Interweb and found some pics, and then realized.... how come my gun looks different????

    I dont know what happened, but someone pulled the ejector, and spring out... no where to be found...

    I contacted Adam with HK-Parts and ordered one of each up... and today I got them:D:D

    I slapped the parts in, and now the gun has 150rds NO FTF, NO FTE, NO problems of any kind.

    I also learned I have the upgraded Extractor, and spring, Full-auto Bolt carrier, and "K" style fireing pin holder thing..... I dont really know what all that means as far as the MP5 goes, but This gun KICKS ASS!!!!

    It has the folding stock, and this thing could fit almost anywhere! I wish I could SBR in washington, but I dont think I can... O'well

    Not that anyone cares... I just had to share my rifle story with someone;)

    Maby Ill take some pics too....
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