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Who cares. The people who would be losing it to a radical moslem would be dead and the radical moslem can't read English anyway. It's a sales gimmick. It's the British who (who are all liberals) are upset, they don't count because no one over there can own one, anyway.

The "Muslim terrorist" have their religious slogans to fight for there relgious terrorist causes, so I see no reason why the socalled "Christian terrorist" can't have their religious slogans to help counter the Muslims during the next "Crusades". Of course it's not Politically Correct.
It's kind of like the U.S. adding references to God to currency, the pledge, etc in order to out atheist Communists. And obviously that worked so well, clearly the USSR never dared to spy on us.

Idiotic idea.
Agree, it's marketing. If you want one, buy it. If not, don't buy one. Sort of like pink guns to appeal to female shooters. Not my cup of tea, but it apparently works for some people.
Lets be honest, there wouldn't be nearly as much hype about this if they just said "We made an AR with a Bible verse and a Cross on it" and left out any mention of radical Muslims.

Heck, Fleet Farm stores in the upper midwest here sell an in house AR brand called Korstog that has a cross in the logo and nobody batted an eye.
I don't like it. It is an insult aimed at people of other religions. As christians, or folks claiming to be anyways, we (christains) are supposed to share the love of God to all people. We aren't supposed to stick a cross on everything and say "nanny nanny boo boo you can't use this". People with no spiritual relationship may take this up simply because it counters the intent of the "radical" Muslim people. Truth be told I am somewhat ashamed that this exists simply because of its intent.
The theory behind this gun is that an islamic terrorist won't use the weapon because of the Bible verse and the cross. I think that is a bit naive. A terrorist hell bent on killing people ain't gonna drop that rifle if he thinks he can kill someone with it. At best, said terrorist will black out the Bible verse and scratch off the cross and scribble some islamic saying on it before he uses the weapon. Terrorists tend to make their own rules.
I believe anyone of the Christian faith with the Psalm inscription on their rifle would be constantly reminded and reassured with inner peace and comfort knowing they have God's sustenance when they enter the battlefield no matter whom the enemy is. I wouldn't pay that price for the rifle, but I would get the plastic badges with your favorite Bible inscription to put on your the rails of your rifle.
Many of the muslim terrorists are scholarly people, much like the violent socialist radicals of the 20th Century. Especially those that would perhaps walk upon a civilian AR-15 most likely speak English.

Unless they were commanded by a really dirtbag terrorist officer, I don't Think they would give a crap about the bible verses or the holy water.
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Yes, it seems good in theory but I think it's going to cause more harm than good for people like me who stand firmly behind the 2nd Amendment and the RKBA:

What is your opinion?
Mind telling us how it's going cause harm?

My opinion? It's just marketing gimmick. Some sale gimmicks I don't care for, others I like. This one I like. Not because of the "Muslim terrorists won't use it" BS, but because of the cross and the Bible verse on the gun.:)
I wouldn't pay any extra for it, but it certainly wouldn't stop me from buying it.
It's a free market, it they don't like it they don't have to buy it and can even make their own version.

My opinion, is if you think there's a market for something make it and see.
i think the resident in the white house has turned his cheek too many times to the muslims already. eastbank.
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