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    Today I have an appointment in Reston so figured I’dcome up early and check out the NRA HQ range.

    I figured I’d get some practice in and also see how the facility is.

    Having grown up in Fairfax I used to live a few miles from the NRA HQ so getting there was easy. Just follow the sings to the National Firearms Museum, then when in the parking lot follow the signs to the range.

    Initial impressions when I drive in were good. Nice big sign in the parking area with well marked signs.

    Going in everything was nice, clean and orderly. I was greeted by friendly folks and since I was carrying my small range bag the guy joked that I looked ready to shoot!

    We chatted a little and he asked if I was a member. I said I was an NRA member but not a range member. So he gave me the range rules and test and pointed me to the classroom.

    There I signed the required papers, read the rules and took the test. All of the questions were euther basic gun safety but a few about the specifics the facility had. One was silly about which doors to use and since it wasn’t covered I asked about that.

    So getting my 100 percent I was good.

    So I paid for my card, range fees and targets and I was good.

    Being new there I was a little nervous but the ROs answered my questions and helped me with a minor issue.

    Otherwise I spent my time shooting my M&P 5” 9mm. It was actually the first time I shot it!

    All I can say is I love the gun. It shoots great, low recoil using cheap 115 grain ammo. I was going to shoot some of my 124 grain reloads but decided not to this trip.

    I also shot better than I exoected. It seems the tips Jerry and Kay Miculek gave me when I had the pleasure of going to the Propper range day last fall really helped.

    I also shot a few mags through my XDs45 EDC. After shooting the 9mm 5” the 45 seemed like a loud canon. But other than more noise, muzzle flip and push it was fine. I still **** it straight and on target. It only took a little longer to get back on target.

    The range allowed picking up your brass and since I reload I sweated my lane and put it in my bag.

    Overall I’d give the NRA HQ range a solid A and highly recommend folks visiting DC to stop by and hit the range and museum.

    Oh and they have a cafe but I didn’t go there today maybe next time!
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