Old Italian EIG .22 4-shot

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Jul 6, 2006
Does anyone know where I can find info on an old Italian EIG .22 4-shot pistol?
Since you didn't say, let me guess, it's a 4 shot replica of a Sharps 4 barrel derringer, right? made during the late 50s untill 1968. EIG used several Italian firms plus even the Japanise made a copy. Brass frame, more than likely 22 short, however they may have made them in 22LR. No collectors value, to be honest not even a good self defence gun, it's not very accurate. Value, don't know, I've seen them at gun shows in very good shape for 50$. Hope that helps.
EIG made a 4 shot pistol that resembles an old MOSSBERG BROWNIE 4 shot pistol. Sort of looks like an auto-loader, but has 4 holes at the front of the barrel. It breaks open like a shotgun to load. You might find either the EIG or a MOSSBERG BROWNIE on of the large gun auctions on line.
I just reread the first post and some info can be acquired by doing a ( www.dogpile.com ) search of "EIG 4 SHOT PISTOLS" and also going to www.derringer.de/index2.htm ( look under "saturday night specials") the last site is DANISH but has photos of EIG derringers and others. There is not a lot of info and it is mostly that the EIG pistols were low quality and are not worth more than $100 if that, depending on condition and item.
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