Old Pilot Survival Knife


Apr 4, 2009
NE Florida
I good friend gave me this and his patch a few years before he died. He spent a couple years around Vietnam, he said mostly in Cambodia, and Laos. He never was a member of the US Armed Forces thou. He never talked about it either.

He might have served with the Provincial Reconnaissance Unit which was a paramilitary unit in South Vietnam. I've always loved the design of that knife. All my earlier years I always wanted one but never bought one having ample opportunities at the BX or PX.
A Vietnam era pilot survival knife by Camillus

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A Vietnam era AIRCREWMAN survival knife by Camillus. But yeah, you're right - my Pilot carried one too.;)

I posted this in another thread a few months back. This is/was my AIRCREWMAN survival knife in Vietnam (and a few other places around the globe) when I was in the Navy (1968-1972). My pilot, copilot and second crewman each carried one just like it. ;)
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My 1972 Camillus turned 50 last year. It served me well in the Air Force and has been our camping knife since my discharge in 1974. My teenage grandsons want to know which will get it to carry on the family tradition with this knife. Haven’t told them yet, but grandchild number one already knows it’s hers when she is ready to organize and lead the family camping trips.
That knife is a classic and is still available from Ontario Knife Company at a decent price for what you get.