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OLL13052S.L.C the assault weapon ban of 2013

Discussion in 'Legal' started by Jesse Wales, Feb 2, 2013.

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  1. Jesse Wales

    Jesse Wales member

    Sep 25, 2010
    Colorado USA
    ive been doing my part doing my own letter writing and email campaign
    for weeks now writing everyone from the locals to the prez. and ayone who will read , and researching any pertinant info I can find ,
    sooo. i knew thew would move quickly to try to slip it under the door before the people knew what even happened, Obama presented gun control as lmiting black scary guns ( military style firearms)
    but then Feinstein introduced the assault weapons ban of 2013
    OLL13052S.L.C. 113nd session of congress as an all out assault weapons ban ----having lived in Calif previously , Ive known of her attempts to severely limit my privilages, then she did her thing , and for days I searched for
    the actual bill I found pretty vagues discriptions , then finally I found it on a whistleblower website , so i read it and my jaw dropped ,
    at first i thought it might be a hoax , but it wasnt , once I had the number
    it was easy to find and all over the place ,
    now ive been doing my researching , and im finding some very good sources, others agree that its gonna take a lawyer to figure it out, what the text means exactly ,
    I read post like say good bye to your glocks and 1911s
    and all kinds of things !?!? , by definition a ruger 10/22 in the orriginal as sold
    is allowed, but with a thumbhole stock its an assault weapon ,
    and by design a 1911 could soon on her list of ones she wants to take away, so guys are trying to figure it out , and some saying,,, say goodbye to ur
    glocks and 1911s, and ur grandfathers favorite hunting rifle the BAR semiauto hunting rifle, cant buy more , cant sell them, cant hand them down , cant take them with u when u die , goes back to uncle sam, no sunset clause , and can add new ones to list when they want to , the mini 14 is banned , and others u would never expect
    so my question is///// can anyone really tell me from a lawyers view , deciphering the lawyers speak, tell me how the legal text applies to handguns,
    there is a ginormous list of whats allowed, but absolutely no mention of handguns mentioned in the list , no revolvers or semiautos
    there is a huge backing of people , who just see black scary military style firearms,on the pro gun control side , that dont have a clue that fully automatic weapons were banned
    in the 1930s , only the mitary and swat teams have REAL black scary firearms, we need voters and lawmakers who can diferentiate the difference between
    a matchstick-single fire
    a bic lighter - semiautomatic fire
    and a barbeque lighter - assault fire
    im wondering how many lawmakers have even read the text ?
    but Obama has the sheep stirred up...
    I dont think sheep should vote
    idiots shouldnt have guns
    guns are not toys
    sheep are for fleecing
    I vote to arm bears
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