One Handed handgunning

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Jun 18, 2007
People's Republic of California
I was on another forum and read that one of the guys there was describing how a hand injury had deadlined his gun handling and it got me thinking about how we all might handle our pistolas with only one paw.

Things that have worked for me:

-Racking the slide or returning a locked back slide to battery

a. Hook the rear sight on your belt, boot heel or anything handy that the slide will grab and push the pistol forward thereby manipulating the slide.

b. Shove the flat top of the slide straight into the meaty part of your thigh then push in and forward until the slide releases. Only really useful in returning the slide to battery but might work ok for clearing a stove pipe.

-Magazine change

a. Drop the magazine (sticky magazines might require a shake), drop to one knee, hold the pistol between your thigh and calf, shove in a new mag, return the slide to battery, keep fighting

b. Drop the magazine, drop to both knees, hold the gun between your knees (mag well facing away from you), insert new mag, return slide to battery, keep fighting

- With both of these mag change techniques, I've seen most people stand back up before they re-engage the target. I've never understood this. I've always thought it smarter and faster to get the gun to speaking while still down on the ground and only then get back up and moving.


No big tricks here, but I find that canting my hand inboard a bit helps me cope with recoil better and if I'm working left handed, it lines the sights up in front of my right eye better.

Now I know some folks might see some 4 rule violations here, like pointing a gun at one's self, but these are emergency measures where I see added risk as being acceptable. Additionally, I consider these safe techniques to practice live fire provided that one practices them dry first and always remembers to keep one's booger hook off the bang switch.

Who else has one handed techniques to share? How about revolvers? I've never given serious thought to one hand reloading my J frame.
Good post. This is something that would be good to practice in case one hand gets injured.
Another option is to find a Norinco 77B pistol which can be operated with one hand.
Off hand training is a good thing to bring up. I know I have been ignoring that aspect of my training.
When I started shooting, one hand firing was the rule. Using both hands to hold the firearm made you a wussy. I'm old and times have changed. I also did a lot of wussy shooting back then. Just made more sense.
anyone that is serious about defense should train in the art of one hand manipulations, and shooting, strong only and weak only as well, i train on strong/weak, type 1,2,3 malfunctions, reloads, etc. everything that i do 2 handed i do strong/ weak only.
Get a beretta with a tip up barrell .seems to work with a little practice .no slide to rack.
I shoot one-hand hold (bullseye style) exclusively.

I was taught if a handgun was meant to be shot with two hands it would have two handles on it.:)
The thread I started (and got a lot of flack for from people that didn't read it...) about weak hand only, what gun, embraces these same concepts.

A revolver is harder to shoot one handed and has a very limited capacity compared to a hicap 9mm.

Training to shoot one handed, which should include the weak hand, should not be ignored by anyone serious about using handguns for defense.

Had carpletunel surgery done on both hands last year .at different time frame .you need to practice .you never know whats in store in life.
I've been practicing a lot of one handed weak side shooting and manipulation.

I can do it all strong handed well, but it hit me about two days ago that I'd never tried anything southpawed. The results today weren't pretty- kept everything on teh paper but that's ALL i can claim :D
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