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Osama Bin Bubba

Discussion in 'Legal' started by 2dogs, Apr 17, 2003.

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  1. 2dogs

    2dogs Member

    Dec 25, 2002
    the city


    By: Dave Franklin

    Americans applauded brilliant military successes at the same time Iraqis rejoiced at being finished with that horrific regime founded on homicide. But the justification for acting in self-defense was never liberation of Iraq, nor could it be established by meaningless UN resolutions. How a regime with ten years in subornation of terror against the United States needed to be eliminated, and that the true causes were never emphasized in the American press, is a camouflage study of corruption by electoral politics.

    Everyone believes if GWB had the slam-dunk evidence revealing Hussein's complicity in terrorist attacks that have killed thousands of Americans, he'd have paraded it out there with trumpets. But the President of the United States seems vested in hiding his party's disastrous failure to hold Bill Clinton accountable for deception during the 1990s.

    This administration has been excusing Clinton since Inauguration Day 2001. From White House vandalism and last minute pardons, to the light crimes of perjury in the Lewinsky case, George W. Bush only said that it is time for us to move on. Instead of "bringing the Clintons to justice, or bringing justice to the Clintons", Bush wants us to forget plain evidence of basic infringements by the former administration.

    Americans might agree that small problems of the past are not worth our trouble. Still, the 1990s marked a more fundamental dismantling of national defense that set the stage for vulnerability to terror between 1993 and 2001. Beginning with the bombing at the World Trade Center in 1993, Bill Clinton's administration failed an effective response to nations that spawned terrorism against the United States. Beyond the negligence of not defending our country, there also seems to have been efforts toward preventing the public from finding out who attacked us.

    While respecting leadership of George W. Bush in taking down those who would kill every American if they could, we have an obligation to look at our past and find out how so many hundreds of our countrymen lost their lives without reprisal for years to those guilty. The President has a duty to investigate and expose the truth about how more Americans were killed in terrorist attacks on us than died in all the wars after Vietnam. He must not only execute the counter-offensive in this war, but in a republic governed by the people, he must let us know why it took ten years to launch that operation.

    Even today, official line from Washington says that static discharge in the fuel tank took down a Boeing 747 during TWA flight 800. We are still expected to believe that one nearly broke former soldier and his army buddy were alone in plotting, funding, and performing a bombing that destroyed two thirds of an eight story concrete and steel federal building using fertilizer and diesel fuel. The public is supposed to forget about "John Doe number 2", who witnesses said was Hussein Al Husseini -- the Iraqi was dismissed by Janet Reno as having no involvement with Tim McVeigh.

    The destruction of two American Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were met only with pinprick missile strikes against shacks in the deserts of Afghanistan and an aspirin factory in Sudan. The American people honor our fallen troops, including those 19 lost in a terror bombing at Al Khobar towers on our base in Saudi Arabia. Where was the return fire in 1996? A hole in the side of the U.S.S. Cole may have been prevented... had Bill Clinton kept his duty.

    If there has been an attempt by the previous administration to hide evidence of terrorist attacks against us, those responsible are not just subjects of political detraction. They have betrayed us, and the President has an obligation to see them revealed. New legislation that restricts our rights is no answer to terrorism, nor is a color-coded alert system with a toll free tips line. These are particularly offensive, given that Clinton's irresponsible failure to engage the Defense Department in the defense of our nation is what laid the trap for fallen countrymen and gave us awful laws adopted in response.

    Americans must never again tolerate an administration that leaves us vulnerable to attack. For whatever their political reasons, if the current occupants at the White House do not investigate and expose the truth about our decade of terror, they will create the same kind of public cynicism as those who governed with falsehood while American citizens were being killed.

    President George W. Bush may enforce justice on those politicos who left us open to attack. He should do it without hesitation, as the security of the United States depends on never electing another panderer whose political interests are more important than the lives of Americans. But Bush seems likely to leave it alone, absolving Bill Clinton and the Judas priests of a loathing counter-culture.
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