Our latest hunting trip. (long)

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Jun 2, 2005
North Chesterfield, Virginia
My wife and I went hunting Tuesday (11/27) morning. I dropped her off on a power line and went a few yard over into the woods. Since she's not very experienced, I didn't want to get too far from her.

About two hours later, she called me and said she wanted to go home, her back was hurting her. I walked out, and helped her toward the car which was parked in our friends front yard.

After we got back to the truck, I loaded our gear in, and went to the back of the truck where she was standing talking to our friends daughter. Suddenly she collapsed, grabbed my legs and hung on. I thought her back had given out (she's got a bad back) so I moved to help her up and into the truck. No response.

It took a few seconds for it to sink in. She wasn't responding at all. She was frothing at the mouth, and her teeth were clinched tight. Her eyes were closed, and her breath was coming in hard ragged gasps. It finally hit me. "This is something new. This is serious."

I got her onto the ground, and told the daughter to go call 911. A minute or two later, the mother came out with the phone, and 911 on the line. My wife had stopped breathing by then. I got the airway open, rolled her over onto her side, so she could throw up, which she started to do later.

EMS got there quickly. Less than ten minutes. It seemed like ten years. They took over, and placed her into the unit. Then they came to me and told me that she was too sick to transport by highway, and needed to go to a hospital in Fairfax anyway, not to the one in Fredericksburg. They thought she'd had a stroke. My heart went through the ground.

Medflight arrived quickly, they prepped her, then executed what my ex wife the EMT called a "grab and GO!" and the helicopter lifted off and turned north toward Fairfax.

I stood there alone for a few minutes. I honestly thought I'd never see her alive again.

To make a long story a little shorter, friends quickly rallied for me. My church ladies group started up their prayer chain, passing the word. PRAY...PRAY for Sandy and for Wayne.

A friend came and drove me to the hospital sixty miles away. I was in no shape to drive myself. When I got there the receptionist told me "They want to talk to you first." All I could think of was "She's died."

The doctor told "She's in bad shape, but she's fighting. She's got a lot of tubes and such in her.....". "Tubes? Tubes....She's alive? Praise God, she's alive.

They swept her straight into the OR. It wasn't a stroke after all. It was a cerebrial Hemmorage. No warning. No cry of pain, or "I don't feel good." She just collapsed without a word.

The first 24 hours were touch and go, but she made it through them Even now, she's not out of the woods yet but she has shown a lot of improvement over the last 24 or so hours. This afternoon she had her eyes open and would nod or shake her head to answer a simple question. "Do you know who I am? (Nod) Do you know what happened? (no) Do you know where you are? (no)

I explained to her that she's been sick, and was in the hospital. She seemed to relax then and has gone back to sleep now.

Thanks for listening (or reading I suppose). How's this hunting related? Well, we were hunting when it happened.

Could you please pray for her: well us? As I said, she's not out of the woods yet, and it will be a long road for us, but with God's help we'll make it.
Update 1500 11/30/07

This is the day that the Lord has made, We shall REJOICE and be glad in it!

She's BACK!!

Phil (her/our son) called me from the hospital while I was driving to work and told that Misty was off the ventilator, awake, alert, talking, knows who people are, she understands where she is, and why I'm not there.

PRAISE GOD!! Glory to Him in the Highest!

She's not out of the woods yet. The road will be long, and probably rocky, but she's turned a corner, and on the way back to us.

Thank you all for your prayers, your words of comfort to me and for all of your support.

Keep those prayers coming please.
That's good news. All those prayers got heard. Isn't it good to know that in times like those you can trust in the Lord and know nothing is too big for him?
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