Para Slim Hawg

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Jul 17, 2009
Hey, I was considering buying a para Slim Hawg for concealed carry, and I was wondering if it was the same size frame as the Colt Defender, for changing the grips. Thanks.
I was looking for my 2nd 1911. I was absolutely enamored with Para’s Slim Hawg. So I bought one over the Colt Defender. Took it to the range, shot it 200 times, jammed every mag. Dealer said ship it back to Para, so I did. Para sent it back over a month later with a note saying replaced barrel & extractor & test fired 24 times. Went to the range, still jammed every magazine, and about round 40 the extractor broke.

My dealer was gracious enough to give me a full credit toward a Colt Defender, which he didn’t have to do. Your dealer may or may not. I hope you’ll consider some other brand. As an easy comparison before buying, just compare Para’s magazines to Colt or Springfield’s magazines, and observe the differences in ‘fit & finish’. The differences are there, right down to the mags.
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I had similar experience with a Para and their warranty shop few years back . I traded and I to have a Colt Defender today also a Colt New Agent

I don't believe the Defender grips will fit either . Para shorter in grip as I remember . Please go buy a Colt less MIM or cast parts and reliable.
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