Para "Slim Hawg" .45 sub compact

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I had to replace my PXT extractor... Got one of the EGW ones from Para. After that my para runs great!
Well no complaints on the Slim Hawg here.

All three mags functioned without a flaw using WWB and Aquilia.
Next will be SD ammo.

I did not give it much of a chance, no lube, cheap ammo...shot a few inches low left but much better groups than my CZ 2075 Rami .40sw.
My friends and I were all over the target with that one.
Don't worthy about what others say at this point. Run it clean and then well lubed and take several good labels of fmj ammo to try . Use one mag at a time so you keep any problems that may come up controlled. Then hopefully , enjoy. Short barrels 1911 can be more than picky about loads.
Ty.....two trips now and all three mags worked great.

WWB,Aqulia,Federal.....still have not tried sd. Waiting till I get better groups with the cheap stuff.

A little friskier than my 1945 Colt 1911 military NM, gut it should be lol.
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