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Passing Shooting though the Generations

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by NCSUPackman, Jul 3, 2009.

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  1. NCSUPackman

    NCSUPackman Member

    Dec 30, 2007
    Charlotte, NC
    I finally got to pass something "up" to my Dad.

    My Dad pretty much tought me how to fish. From how to tie a hook onto a line, to set the bait, how to take the fish off the hook etc. We still go on a fishing trip every year and he still manages to teach me something. He grew up in New Hampshire fishing with his buddies and, while his friends hunted and owned guns, my Grandfather had to work two jobs to support my Dad and his 5 siblings so guns were not something my dad could really get into.

    Since I've gotten into shooting, I've been taking my Dad to the range and taught him how to shoot. I figured out he was right handed but left eye dominant and with the right adjustments, my Dad got so he could put all his shots in the silhouette in decent groups. My Dad had been mentioning he wanted to get a concealed carry permit; last Father's Day I gave him a S&W640 along with a fobus holster (that was my previous carry setup before I switched to a Colt Detecive Special), some speed loaders, and some snap caps to practice with.

    Last week I remember my Dad saying he had the weekend off (works a 3 on 3 off type schedule) and called my local shop to see if they had a concealed carry class this weekend. They did and I found my Father's Day gift to my Dad (admittedly a little late :)) The owner gave me a deal on the price and I got my Dad signed up. We went out to the range last Friday because my Dad wanted to practice since he hadn't been to the range in a little while. I had him use my S&W 68 since its size and the 5 inch barrel would cut down on the recoil and the muzzle climb. As we were setting up I mentioned to remember to bring the revolver in front of his left eye. I maked off the three distances he would be shooting to qualify for the concealed carry permit (3 yds, 5yds, 7yds; shooting 100rds total between the three distances) and at each distance, he put all the shots on the silhouette.

    Last Saturday was the class and after the classroom portion we headed out to my local club for the shooting qualification part (the owner of the shop is a member and they let him use the ranges for his class). I went and shot a few rounds of skeet while my Dad qualified. When I finished, I packed up and began heading to the pistol bays when I saw my Dad was walking towards me with his target in hand. All 100 rounds were on the silhoutte at either center of mass or slighly below. He passed with flying colors.

    My Dad gave me a hug and said "Hey I taught you to tie a hook on and you taught me how to shoot!" It was great to give something back to my Dad.

    He made his appointment to apply for his permit in September so he should finally get it sometime around November-December (my county is notorious for using up all 90 days it has. The sheriff's office is know to sit on your permit a week or two before calling you that it has arrived)

    Any others ever get a chance to share your love of shooting "up" the generations when it wasn't directly passed down to you?
  2. BullpupBen

    BullpupBen Member

    Apr 7, 2008
    Harrisonburg, VA
    Im trying... my Dad's a liberal and so he isnt quite taking to it, but I think I'm making progress. before he wouldnt even shoot my Sub2000, but a few weeks ago he gave my Mauser a try. Didn't like the recoil, but at least he tried it, who knows what the future will hold.
  3. Tim the student

    Tim the student Member

    Feb 1, 2009
    Awesome, great post.
  4. FlyinBryan

    FlyinBryan Member

    Mar 27, 2008

    good read.

    i never got to pass anything "up"

    lost mine when i was 16, but he sure passed it down, he had me on the trigger literally at 5 years old. and so have i, to my own son.
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