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Dec 9, 2007
Odessa Florida
I came across an ad for Phoenix State University "Certified Reloader" course. They state you can buy wholesale after completing the course. Does anyone have any information about buying wholesale? I have a C&R and buy a a modest discount from Graff and Midway. Thanks

I've never heard of anything like that.

Most distributors I am aware of would ask you for a Tax Stamp Number & possibly an FFL, (not an on-line or mail-order college certificate) before you could buy wholesale.

You also would have to buy A LOT OF STUFF to qualify for any meaningful wholesale price break.

They're not exactly a University!

Just an on-line "certificate order mill".

The guys probably running the website in his bedroom, and printing "College Certificates" on his HP color printer.

The "click here to contact us" is an email address!
No street address, no phone number, no campus, no nothing!

Heck, I probably got a computer virus just looking at it!

I'm NRA certified in pistol, range officer, personal protection and reloading. Check the NRA website for instructor courses in your area. If you have a desire to teach then this is the way to go. The reloading course certification which was an in-home course only ran me about $30 which included a pretty good book. Most people are familiar with NRA and it carries its weight when you mention that you are a NRA certified instructor. The other benefits that you do get from other companies such as Lyman/Marlin/Henry etc is that they will give you special pricing/dealer pricing on their firearms and reloading gear. Most manufacturers will give you great deals once you are "one of the guys" so to speak.
What are these "new DC bans" that this scam is talking about?

A few gems...

"In my State, you can no longer buy Smokeless Powder, Primers, and other components unless you are classified as a "Professional Reloader" or unless it is a source of income

What? That's not true.

I got back from Iraq where I was working on million dollar armaments and could only get a $12 an hour job fixing engines. Your certificate got me my license, and I am now serving as a contractor to xxxx Armored Div. making sniper rounds.

Yeah, right.

Let me make this easy. I spent four years becoming a Real Estate agent and made $33,000 my BEST year. I spend two months learning Reloading and getting my PSU certification, and made $206,000 my WORST year. Any questions?

Okay, sure...

Not to mention, it's all for under $200! I guess I'll just toss out those plans for a money-printing machine, this will work much better...
If your a NRA instructor RCBS will discount your order once a year i think... Maybe twice but they do knock a good bit off the prices.. You need to phone in your order and send them a copy of your instructor card for them to have on file though
Just $99 (PayPal only)

Man, I have got to get me one of these!
For 50 bucks more, you can get a Doctorate Reloader degree.

I like the blade instructor. Now I can certify anyone to watch the movie and make money at it! When they are done then they can start their own private vampire killing
I was working in a bait shop as a baiter and got my minor from Phoenix State University. Has anybody here been through their masters program? :)
Is This a Scam?

I saw one persons certificate. Is this legitimate?

has anyone talked with a real person? a phone number would be appreciated.
Phoenix State University is a diploma mill, and not a very good one at that. rcmodel got it just about right.

No point in further discussion here, it would be a waste of your time and our space.
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