Pitbull shot 2x with .45acp, survives!

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May 8, 2003
Reno, Nevada

Pit bull attacks; shot by police
Home News Tribune Online 05/17/06
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WOODBRIDGE — Police shot a pit bull, which was on the loose until about 9 p.m. yesterday, after it and another pit bull attacked three youths and a 34-year-old man in Avenel yesterday afternoon.

The man, who tried to avert further attacks after seeing the injured youths, was bitten "pretty severely" on his arms, fingers, legs and feet and taken to JFK Medical Center in Edison, police said. The three Avenel youths, ages 12, 13 and 15, sustained minor bites and were treated at local hospitals and released.

The attacks took place shortly after 3 p.m. on Rahway Avenue, near the intersection of Meinzer Street across from a strip mall there, police said.

The 9-month-old male dog, shot twice by an officer with a .45-caliber gun, took off wounded, police said. The dog returned home around 9 p.m., and authorities took it to the hospital, police said. The extent of the dog's injuries were not known last night.

Animal control officers corralled the second pit bull, a 6-month-old female, shortly after the attacks when its owner was able to call it back in the home's Rahway Avenue yard.

"Everybody was screaming. (The male dog) just started running in a circle. There was no way I could control him at that point. It was out of control," said Annette Capozzi, who said the pit bulls belong to her son and his girlfriend.

Lt. Donald Protz said police had called off the search at dusk after determining the older dog wound up in a wooded area nearby.

"It's too dark, it's swampy, it's wet," Protz said last night. "It becomes too dangerous if you run across the dog."

Protz, though, said hunters had advised the police department that since the dog had not left a blood trail, it would likely die of internal bleeding if it hadn't already succumbed.

The injured man, from Edison, was driving by with his family when he witnessed the attack. He stopped and the three youths sought refuge in the man's car as he tried to fend off further harm, Protz said.

Capozzi said that while she was able to get the younger dog inside the yard, the commotion and the gun blasts scared off the male.

Capozzi, who was home all day, did not know how the dogs got out of the yard, which is enclosed by 6-foot-tall fences. "The gates were shut, the gates were secured," she said.

Since the family takes care to secure the dogs, there was "a very strong possibility" the dogs were let out by a passer-by, possibly one or more of the several students who walk through the neighborhood when school lets out, she said.

"Kids go by every day. The dogs bark," Capozzi said, adding that the students sometimes bait the dogs to create a commotion.

"It's like taunting," she said. "It's kid stuff. I can always tell when the kids come home from school."
Not all that surprising. Pit Bulls are pretty tough, and despite mythology to the contrary, .45 acp is not a death-ray.
Pistols are not rifles. A .308, .223, or .12ga might have ended things differently. Maybe not. We don't know. I'll guess the two .45 rounds didn't rest in the dog's brain or heart, though.
It is all about bullet placement...

not how big the caliber is. I hope they sue the owner's hindquarters off.......chris3
and put the #$%# dog down!!!

I'm so sick and tired of hearing people make excuses for there #$%# pit bulls.

"Of course....someone taunted the dog and let it out of the fenced yard intentionally."

ya, ya right!

My hats off to the man who stopped!!

He's mauled and scarred...

But he may well have saved those kids lives!!!

To bad he wasn't armed!
SSN Vet,
Substitute the word "gun owner" for the words dog and pit bulls in your post and you'll understand why the attitude of anti-gun activists disturbs me.

We weren't there and we don't know the facts of the situation but your post to me seemed to be dangerously close to calling for a "ban on pit bulls".

Life is risk. And so far no one has gotten out of living alive...no one that I know anyway.

Make no mistake...for a lot of people in the United States, WE are the pit bulls.
This happened in New Jersey?

Well, no big deal. I'm sure they'll be able to sue some pet shop in South Carolina and make it all better.
Substitute the word "gun owner" for the words dog and pit bulls in your post and you'll understand why the attitude of anti-gun activists disturbs me.

My guns never climbed out of the safe, went out into the street and attacked passers-by, no matter how much they were "taunted."

I accept responsibility for my guns, and expect dog owners to do the same.
Ban Pit Bulls

You know, this is the story of Frankenstien. Mankind creates something and then runs in panic because they don't like what they have done.

I do not subscribe to the idea of banning a dog that's reason for being was that MAN spefically bred them to fight. That is not only not fair, it is cowardly. Ever time you look at a pit bull or read an article like that it is because some 1800's shiester dog fight promoter wanted to get money. Maybe I didn't make my point as well as I would have liked, but there it is.

Like Borachon said, "Life is risk..."
I do not subscribe to the idea of banning a dog that's reason for being was that MAN spefically bred them to fight. That is not only not fair, it is cowardly.

What's not fair about it? Are we to assume that dogs have rights that override those of men in such basics as survival?
Whether or not Pit Bulls should be banned ------I don't have an opinion yet. But what I did find interesting is how the city council went about doing it in the small town I live next to... They said they were not banning the dogs. This might sound familiar. They are requiring any owners of pit bulls they have 5 working days to register their dogs. No new registration will be allowed after that time period of any Pit Bulls. Anyone without a registered Pit Bull will have broken the law. They also have to have their Pit Bulls spayed and neutered... This sounds like a ban to me and a safe storage like law with the forced neutering of the dogs. Funny how they registered and then banned them but they say the did not ban the dogs.
pit bull stereotyping and breed specific legislation is a VERY close parallel to gun control. blame the deed not the breed. anyone can take ANY breed of dog they choose and teach it to be aggressive. make the owners responsible for their pets' behavior.
you have to look at the owners. what kind of person are they? why do they own that dog in the first place? a dog owned by someone that's trying to look and act tough is going to be more dangerous. the same goes for guns.
The only thing that banning a specific breed (ex. pit bulls in miami-dade, d.c., baltimore) accomplishes is that only criminals have them and they are more likely to be aggressive and used in illegal activities like fighting.(remind you of anything else?)
btw, pit bulls were bred specifically to be people FRIENDLY. they wouldn't be able to control them in the pits otherwise. with all the ghetto and trailer-park breeders selling cheap pits, the standards have decreased and all aggression is looked at as desirable, whereas originally people-aggressive pit bulls were rare and not bred or fought.
just my 2 cents.
sorry, i'm off my soap box.
Banning breeds of dogs doesn't work. Prince George's County Marlyand has banned pitbulls. Pit bull attacks have gone down, dog attacks have remained the same, Dobermans, Rotties, and Pitbull mix breeds have picked up the slack. Dogs that attack people are a reflection of the people that own and raise them.

A properly raised pit bull will not attack people, if you the owner getting the **** stomped out of you, expect no help from the dog. One of the attributes of pit bulls as fighting dogs was the ability of the handlers to get in the pits with the dogs without having to worry about being attacked.
Thank you,Borachon(and others)...I've had Dobies and PBT's all of my life.I must be doing something wrong,becauseI've yet to have any of my dogs(singular these days)throw a nutty and startattacking passer bys,hijacking armored trucks etc.:neener:
Seriously,though;one the one hand I DO know personally people mean and stupid enough to either "bait&release" dogs not their own, and to abuse/negelect the ones they do own.
All breeds have traits beyond the mere canine ones of territorial and loyalty;terriers by nature are "Terrier-Like". They do NOT have a reverse gear.Once you start talking the working/fighting /sporting size breedsquality time with one's dog(training,socialization&just plain lovin':neener: ) is essential.PBRC.net i son eof th emany good services(along with DRU.org).These folks foster the dogs before releasing for adoption.Any personality traits are observed along with oither issues that would determine the best home environment for the dog.
If the dogs attacked for reasons other than being "wound up and set off" then (much as I like th ebreed) I'd come down hard. Otherwise;I say take them on a case bay case basis.

You are correct, it isn't the breed, it is the owner. As a kid with a paper route, I was habitually chased by the then "bad boy" breed, Doberman Pinschers. A squirt bottle full of 50/50 mix of ammonia and water, plus the stability of a good old Chicago built Schwinn for slow speed, accurate delivery eventually made for safe riding, but before Dobermans there were German Shepards, and after those came Boxers, Rotweillers, Wolf / Husky hybrids, and whatever the the breed of choice was for the guy who needed to express his tough guy image through his dog.

Get rid of any of the various breeds of pit bulls, and the same people that have them running loose will have a Tibetan Mastiff, three times as large and more prone to being turned psycho. Then what will we have accomplished? It was like banning Barrett's .50 rifles in California, he just found something else.
bowfin you are correct. i don't own a pitbull, never have, but if they are banned then something will take its place.

i would rather have a pb attack me than a japanese tosa. those guys clean their teeth with pb's. :what:

Descrip. of a Tosa:
The Tosa is a brave, fearless and bold dog. Very attuned to his master's wishes and greatly sensitive to the tone of ones voice. Protective and loyal. Exceptionally quiet, calm and patient. The Tosa has been bred to be a very quiet dog because Japanese dog fighting rules require the dogs to fight silently. They are highly intelligent and do not need repetitious training, but do require an equable, consistent, friendly approach. The dog is very affectionate towards their family members and more reserved with strangers, but will accept newcomers if properly introduced. It places its family first and foremost, but known visitors are usually happily greeted. Both males and females make excellent home and family protectors and companions. The sheer size of the Tosa and his deep bark are effective deterrents. Tosas show remarkable acceptance of children and will not snap or bite from fear or pain. However, due to the Tosa's size, he should not be left with children unsupervised. The owner must learn to control the Tosa, as the breed is too large and strong to be unmannerly. Good with other dogs and pets only when raised with them from puppyhood. They tend to be fairly dog aggressive. Keep the Tosa away from other dogs that may want to fight, because the Tosa will most certainly win. They are not recommended in a home with other dogs of the same sex, size and temperament. They have a very high pain tolerance due to their fighting origins. This breed requires a strong and experienced owner capable of dealing with a large, powerful animal. With proper training and control, the Tosa can be a good family companion. Self aware, a very good guard and watchdog. This is not a breed for beginners.
How does the town that requires registering Pit Bulls define "Pit Bull"?

There are four breeds of dogs lumped together as such are the American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and the Bull Mastiff. (This is one reason why the statistics look so horrible for these dogs attacking. Take the Doberman, German Shepard, Cocker Spaniel, and mutt and lump them together, and they would have an impressive number of attacks when compared to any other single breed.)

What if they cross a Boxer with an American Staffordshire, and then that to a Bull Mastiff, is that a pit bull? What if we left out the Boxer, is that a Pit Bull? What if it isn't registered, can it be counted as a pit bull? Who pays for the genetic testing if an owner takes it to court?

Just as with guns, the technical details bog down even the most ardent legislator who tries to make a "type" of something illegal. Best to punish behavior, not ownership.

BTW, I do not own a Pit Bull. I did promise my sons a puppy when my wife's 17 year old cat seemed on his last legs...that was almost 8 years ago...time marches on...we are all waiting to grieve...:)
/*i would rather have a pb attack me than a japanese tosa. those guys clean their teeth with pb's. */

Glad I didn't have to deliver a paper with one of those around, I would have had to up the mixture ot 70/30, or even straight ammonia!:eek:

I was looking up Tosa dogs and found out that where there is strict gun control there is also strict dog control.
when doggies are outlawed only outlaws will have doggies.
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