Police: Nurse, 51, kills intruder with bare hands

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Dec 25, 2002
Essex Co, MA

PORTLAND, Oregon (AP) -- A nurse returning from work discovered an intruder armed with a hammer in her home and strangled him with her bare hands, police said.

Susan Kuhnhausen, 51, ran to a neighbor's house after the confrontation Wednesday night. Police found the body of Edward Dalton Haffey 59, a convicted felon with a long police record.

Police said there was no obvious sign of forced entry at the house when Kuhnhausen, an emergency room nurse at Providence Portland Medical Center, got home from work shortly after 6 p.m.

Under Oregon law people can use reasonable deadly force when defending themselves against an intruder or burglar in their homes. Kuhnhausen was treated and released for minor injuries at Providence.

Haffey, about 5-foot-9 and 180 pounds, had convictions including conspiracy to commit aggravated murder, robbery, drug charges and possession of burglary tools. Neighbors said Kuhnhausen's size -- 5-foot-7 and 260 pounds -- may have given her an advantage.

"Everyone that I've talked to says 'Hurray for Susan,' said neighbor Annie Warnock, who called 911.

"You didn't need to calm her. She's an emergency room nurse. She's used to dealing with crisis."

Maybe he looked like her ex-husband. :D
When in doubt choke them out.

I am not sure if people know what I have written on the top line. It is a statement from "Judo Gene Le Bell" Famous guy.

Good for her, I really don't think you need to kill them with the choke, but she might have, in her own home and fearing for her life held it a little to long.

It is something that she made a decision at the time, she may have to pay for it if this guy has some poor wife and kids that will go after the nurse later.

But for now she is probably having doubts herself. Strange what games your mind will play on you if you allow yourself to go there.

My heart goes out to the nurse. That is a terrible situation to be in, but at least she is alive and able to continue her life. The other thing that could have happened should help her, in her resolve.

She was on the news this morning talking about the time's she's been assaulted in the course of her job as a nurse. Sounds like a tough lady!
I wonder if it would be taken the same way had it been a male homeowner that strangled the guy?
The intruder armed with a hammer was choked by a barehanded nurse.

Though armed, it seems he was not committed to using force or was not trained in proper hammer use during intrusions.

Apparently he was trained not to hit a women. Maybe he did hit her and all it did was was make her mad.

Should have many more like her.

She is always armed.

Dang, now I have to take down the 'No Fat Chicks' sign...

seriously tho, good job on her part, wish there were more with her mindset.
How dare she? This Oregon law is just another example of shoot first, ask questions later...that alleged "burglar" was a person and he only did it because society gave up on him. But now we'll never know, because he's dead. Maybe if he had shown up to my house, we could have discussed his situation and worked it out...

Oh, sorry! I accidentally followed a link to Diane Feinstein's page, and got all twisted up. I feel woozy...very dizzy :barf:
Might be a case of overkill

Lets see If a cop did that, what would you all say:what:

Oops not to start a flame:fire:

Just thinking outloud and wanting to get some feedback on that thought.

Man with hammer, shot by officers, I can hear it now. :cuss:

How dare she? This Oregon law is just another example of shoot first, ask questions later
Unfortunately we don't have castle doctrine yet :( (BTW, I know you were being sarcastic, I'm just throwing that out there)
Lets see If a cop did that, what would you all say
I'd say helluva job! When it's one on one all bets are off. Had there been 5 people with guns drawn I think there would be some differing opinions.
I heard the burglar

used to get all choked up when he heard
the mamma's and the poppa's singing "if I had a hammer":evil:
gunsmith, you are too young.

It was Peter, Paul, and Mary that sang "If I had a hammer."

And some others--like Dylan; but most certainly, not The Mamas and the Papas.
It was Peter, Paul, and Mary that sang "If I had a hammer."
Yeah, but in this case it was "Momma Cass" that put the BG down.

Good for her, to survive a H2H encounter with an armed felon. May everyone do as well to come out unscathed, should it happen to us.
ok,,, with no further information,,, I say,,,, good job, nurse,,,

This is a joke, right? I think there was plenty of info there. BG in the house, with hammer. It turns out he has a long record, but who cares, all we need to know is BG in the house with a hammer. One less BG in the world, and that is a good thing! Lemme tell you, some stranger shows up in my house with a hammer, I am not asking if he is there to set the nails in the floor before I shoot him.
And this is on topic how? (I'm a little confused about how the mods decide what is, or is not, on topic.)
@baz: presumably on-topic because it deals with legal issues surrounding self-defense. i.e.: the woman was not charged with murder because it was clear that the criminal in her home was prepared to attack her.

The thread is drifting a little bit into silly jokes, but the article overall is interesting and applicable to Self Defense issues overall.

Does anyone notice how many scumbags there these days in the crime reports that are of an age at which you would expect them to know better? Maybe it has something to do with the aging of the baby boom, but I can't believe the number of 50-60 year-olds in the police blotters these days, and many for violent crimes, too. Maybe a lot of bp's that were incarcerated have been released in recent years.
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