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Poll is Gun control good for Illinois?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by mack, Mar 10, 2003.

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  1. mack

    mack Member

    Dec 25, 2002
    Okay, this is a rhetorical question and its not a real poll, but just in case some of you Illinois lads and lassies don't read the politics forum or you've been asleep for the winter, there is some important information for you to know:

    ISRA is asking all Illinois gun owners to do the following:

    Call Senator Dillard at (217) 782-8148 and tell him to vote "NO" on SB1195
    Call Senator Obama at (217) 782-5338 and tell him to vote "NO" on SB1195

    This bill is a semiauto and magazine ban that has no grandfather clause - in other words no one can legally have these guns and magazines over 10 rounds in Illinois if this passes

    I don't know the full story about the above two senators, but it seems apparent that these two must be the key votes on the committee - please call and ask everyone you know to call and ask them to ask everyone they know to call!

    Also for more info see these two threads as there are lots of other evil bills in process.



    Please pass this info on to everyone you know and post it to all the other gun forums you frequent.
  2. Nanook

    Nanook Member

    Dec 24, 2002
    NOT far enough from Chicago
    It's sad, Mack. I've lived in Illinois all my life, and it's steadily going down the tubes. This Chicago mayor who thinks he's running the whole Midwest, is the root cause of all of these bills. His people are the ones introducing these bills. He's on record as saying if it were up to him nobody would own guns. He has also said that if these bills are not passed this time, he will keep coming back until they are passed.
    I grew up in Chicago, and I almost never go back there. I now live about 65 miles from the city. Daley is forcing his beliefs on the rest of the state, most of whom wish nothing to do with either him or his city. Recently there was a movement among liberals in the press to have all of the major cities secede from the states and become states by themselves. Oh, please, start with Chicago.

    Mack, the bottom line is in your signature.
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