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Aug 6, 2005
Eastern Washington
Anybody have a favorite .303 Brit powder. I'm currently using using R-P brass, CCI200 primers, Speer 150gr SP and 40.0gr of IMR4895.

I'm shooting low with this load, so low I need to set the rear sight at 500meters to bring it up to give enough elevation for 100yrds. BTW it's a No.4 Mk.2, but I have a No.1 Mk3 I'm fixing up.

While the 40.0gr of 4895 is more or less a starting load and I could beef the load up, I'd like to reserve the 4895 for my Garand and other gas guns.

In a old Hodgdon manual No26 (IIRC) they listed H335 as a good .303 powder, and the Aug issue of Handloader, Mike Venturino listed RL15 and Sierra's 174grHPBT a match to the old british load.
I used 40.5 grains of AA2460 and Rem 180 RNSP's in a No.4 MKII with very nice results. AA2460 is very close to H335 in regard to speed, so it being an excellent choice does not surprise me. I have used both of these propellants for .223, 308, 30/06 and 303, and see little reason to ever use anything else for Mil spec loads.

BTW, looking over some chronograph data from 13 years ago shows the 303 load I mentioned went 2420 fps avg, and could have been worked up further.
45 gr H335

I'm shooting my first batch of 303 loaded with 45 gr H335 and 150 gr Sierra spitzer in SMLE MkIII. Seems to shoot as well as any rack surplus military with a light projectile.

I'm using H335 as well. I am just using the lower end of the spectrum. (38 grains).

I also use 2400 under cast boolits.

brentwal, I don't think you have a load issue. I use the exact load in all of my .303 rifles. I think your front sight is too tall, causing you to shoot low. Try some factory or GOOD milsurp (not POF) and check the point of impact. I would bet that a new lower front sight would fix you right up. Your load is verry accurate for me, even through my #5mk1Fazakerly.
I like 45 grs of BL-C2 with 150 gr SP bullet or 36 grs of IMR 3031 with 180 gr SP bullet. They both have been accurate loads for me.
45.0 Grain BLC-2 with 180 Sierra Pro Hunter Flat Base

Here is my first attempt at loading for my S.M.L.E. All original 1943 Lithgow. :) Even has a green band around the stock showing it to be a live fire cadet rifle.

Anyway. Here is the group 5 shots with 45.0 Grains of BLC-2 using RP once fired neck sized brass, CCI200 primers, and a 180 FB Sierra SP Spitzer.
From my experience. The .303 British likes heavy bullets. I had horrible luck with a 150 grain bullet. Buckshot had a better group than the 150's. Heavy bullets is the way to go. IMO.

All I need to do know is tap that front sight to the left.


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I have been using IMR4320 and Herter's 101 (same burning rate as 4320, and I still have a bunch of it)...

Hard to beat with bullets 150-180 grains in the .303 British...
I'm currently using 44.5gns of Winchester 760, with a Remington 180gn RNSP, RWS #5620 (Berdan) primers, in Jugoslav Mil-Surp cases. Very nice load, only use it at 100yds, but getting 2MOA from a stock No.4 Lee Enfield.
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