Prairie Dog Hunting KS-CO

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Dec 26, 2002
Kansas City, Missouri
I know it's probably way early to ask this, but I'm bored and curious about it.

I've wanted to try some praire dog hunting for a while now. I was reading at the Kansas Conservation site about it. There's tons of them of course, and you need a small game permit (I would need a non resident permit since I'm in MO...ouch). Anyway, I was having some trouble determining if there are any state conservation areas that allow PDog shooting to the general public? In other words, anyone know of an area in Kansas (preferable the eastern half, say within 6 hours of Kansas City) that I could just simply show up and start shooting the little critters? (Eventually I plan on writing the Dept and asking directly.)

On the same note, I am planning my Annual-but-more-like-every-other-year Jeep Trip to Colorado. I was struck with the thought of combining my mountain trail driving with some prairie dog hunting. So, similar question for anyone dog hunters in CO....where are some good places for that to happen?

Time frame for Colorado is early September. Kansas PD season is year round, so I'd be interested in anything time wise.

Rifle I'll be using is my Bushmaster Varminter. This whole thing is it's fault really. I's called the Varminter. It just sits over there on the bench saying "Hey, since when is paper a Varmint?" :)
Not open for further replies.