Pregnant Wife; Can the Husband still go shooting?

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Jan 13, 2003
Los Angeles
I'm not referring to the pregnant woman going to the range; that's been done to death already.

Question is, is it generally considered safe for the developing baby if the husband goes to the outdoor range and cleans up hours before coming anywhere near her? There's also the issue of lead lingering in the car as well.

Our doctor says it should be fine, but I wanted to see if anyone else had input (from their doctors) regarding this.
Yes, first child! :eek:

So I don't have to worry about lead vapor or whatever lingering on my body, provided that I clean up okay? I'm just worried about it, like how cold germs get transmitted.
You will be fine. She will be fine. Plus the separation for brief times are good for the relationship during this time. Everything will change, be ready for change. It's usually all for the better. Oh and congratulations.

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Id be more concerned about what age the kid can shoot his first gun than worry about lead exposure.

:) me too!

You might be finding yourself shooting a lot more .22's as well since they're much much cheaper...
Mark, as you will soon learn you NEED to do two things prior to the birth of your child. 1 -Sleep. As much as you can and 2 - Get out and do the things you love to do twice as much as before because if you are lucky you will be able to do it half as much over the coming few years.

Your life is going to take a wonderful change in direction, but it is still a change and you have a new responsibility.

But, in a few years you will all of a sudden have someone new in your life to share your passions with.

Congradulations and good luck!
No, not a problem. Just wash your hands well afterward, and if you want to be extra careful, take a shower.
No, not a problem. Just wash your hands well afterward, and if you want to be extra careful, take a shower.

And, if you do use an indoor range, cast bullets, or do other extra-leady kinds of things, maybe leave your shoes out of the living spaces and separate your clothes so they get washed by themselves.
This might be your answer:

Duh. Forgot to extend my congratulations. How in-high road of me.

Welcome to fatherhood and all its privileges, curses, sleepless nights and blessings.
Get your shooting in now----you will have little time or money for such activties after the birth.

Keep your kid out of daycare if at all possible---its a disease ridden, germ breeding cess pool--with my oldest, she would get some new illness EVERY week---a week later I had it, like clockwork---this went on for 6 months until we finally pulled her out.
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