price check on a 29-2

what kind of rounds do you mostly shoot out of it. low magnum range, mid range magnums or 44 spcl loads
Mostly my handloads, a 240gr doing ~1150fps which I would consider the upper end of low magnum range. Hottest rounds I run through it are Hornady Custom 240gr factory loads, rated at 1350fps.
I wasn't aware that the S-prefix added so much value, mine is actually an S-prefix.
Generally, the older the gun, the more collector value it has. Much still depends on condition, but SCSW usually gives a substantial premium for S prefix revolvers, especially ones like M27, M29 and M57 and M58
I run a 240 grain cast bullet out of a magnum case with enough Unique to get 1000 fps out of my 6.5 inch 29-2 because 29s are delicate. I've run the same bullet at 1200 fps out of my 6.5 inch 624 because that's the way Elmer did it.
A proper M29 with 6.5 inch barrel has a round butt and full under lug. :neener:

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My Model 29-5. Only paid $650 for it in 2018.
i do have a 29-4 8 3/8 with full underlug and it feels nose heavy. the 6.5 half lug felt better balanced. shooting wise i wouldn't know. this one has the endurance package and you can shoot golf balls with it at 25 yrds if you have a good day.
Ah, movies and guns. People that don't know a muzzle from a buttplate know James Bond carried a Walther PPK, and that Dirty Harry had a .44 Magnum.
The S prefix adds a little to the value, but the 62-66 S prefix guns with the Coke bottle grips are what adds a LOT to the value.