Price Check: Series 80 MKIV Colt Officers compact

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Dec 10, 2006
Albuquerque, NM
Ok so I was looking at a used Colt Officers MKIV Series 80. 3.5in Stainless today and I really liked it. It has an adjustable trigger and custom sights and looks like it would make a perfect companion for my fullsize MKIV series 80 Colt Government Model in stainless.

The shop wants $548 for it, is that reasonable? I know these are getting hard to find and since I've put over 2000 rounds through my fullsize without a single hickup I wonder if I should put it on layaway before someone else grabs it?

The pic below I swiped off the internet, the only real difference is that one I'm looking at is stainless and has an adjustable trigger and different sights.



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If the pistol you are looking at has Novak sights dovetailed in, and a trigger that you want, then in my opinion, it is worth $550, assuming it is in otherwise good condition.

That being said, the short 1911s are the most tempermental. Many are excellent, reliable shooters though. Here's a link for you.
Checking a used 1911 with a purchase in mind
I've been seeing those and similar Colt models for $450 - $650 lately. The stainless ones are more at the top of that range.
I have one in blue (that I have since had hardchromed). I love mine and it is 100% reliable. I gave $450 for mine very lightly used. The price you list is probably in line since it is stainless-at least it would be in my area.
But it's a full size isn't it?

I like the small Colt 1911 shaped guns. I think those are all .380s. The guy that taught my CCW class had one and I really liked it. It was a .380. He used it for ankle carry because of its size.
That's not what I'm thinking of then. The one I want isn't like that bottom one where the handle is short compared to the slide. The one that I want is a .380 that is purportioned the same as the top left one but scaled down to about 75%. I think one of the models that I want is the Mustang.
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