Quarterly ammo price question

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Dec 26, 2002
Well it's time for me to ask, again.
Where can I get general purpose 12 Ga. ammo (7.5 or 8 shot, 1 1/8 - 1 oz.) for Walmart prices (15 clams / 100 shells) other than Walmart?
I have caught a couple decent sales at Dick's but I would like to find a reliable, steady source for inexpensive shells.
No reload advice necessary, thank you.
No "join a club that buys in bulk" suggestions either if you don't mind.
I just want a store that I can call and buy some ammo that cost about 3.75 / box of 25, delivered.
I have tried all the usual suspects like Natchezss, Coles, CTD etc. but no one seems to want my money. I really want something equivalent to the Federal multi-purpose which is 7 1/2 shot, 1 1/8 oz., 3 dram eq.
I sure wish ammoman sold birdshot!
Have you looked at www.ammunitionstore.com in Shotgun News? They have Wolf 12 gauge "dove & quail" loads, 2 3/4", 7 1/2 shot, 3 1/4 dram for $3.39 per 25, $32.95 per 250, $64.95 per 500. Ad says this is Spanish manufacture, so Activ probably makes it and puts Wolf's name on it for them. I've always found Activ shells to be pretty good. It's not a whole lot cheaper, but if you ordered a case of, say, 1,000, you might save a little on shipping money. At $64.95 per 500, it's about $3.25 per box of 25. Once in a while, you'll see Sellier & Bellot for cheap, but I haven't seen it so in a while. But I have noticed that Ammunition Store has this Wolf ammo on sale for that same price consistantly.
Find out where the guys at the club you shoot at or know of buy their reloading components. Chances are that it is a good sized outlet and will sell ammo at reasonable prices. I have seen Remington Gun Club loads go for as little as $32 a case, and pallet price that gets down to $28.50 per case (5K rounds per pallet, spendy up front but a great deal overall). BULK is the key to good prices on ammo or components. Drop $500-750 at a time and shooting costs will drop significantly. If you can swing more $$ it will help even more.

Not advise, but I will tell you I load 12ga 1 1/8 oz 3 dram loads for less than $2.10 a box/$21 per case and have performance equal to or better than factory AA's. Big time savings lets me shoot a lot more than I could otherwise.
Once the Russians get tooled up to make 12 gauge in bulk at ther military ammo plants, you'll start seeing some great prices on 12 gauge. Expect that in probably another year or so. Right now, they subcontract to get 12 gauge ammo they sell. Soon, they'll be making it themselves. In buck loads, maybe even all-steel cased stuff! :what:
Just curious... Why not just buy at Wally-World?

Fair question.

I had a very bad experiance with Wally World in the days following 9-11.
I can not shop there and sleep at night now.

...well, the advice to see what the "high volume" shooters at the local gun club are shooting is good...as an example, the "Pro Shop" contractor at the largest PUBLIC clays establishment in my area has a "Special" going on right now...Fiocchi "Game/Target" in 12 or 20 gauge for $35.00 a flat, INCLUDING sales tax...but ya' gotta' buy a minimum of 10 flats to get that price...the 12's are 3 & 1/4 dram, 1 oz. of 7 & 1/2's, 8's or 9's, with the 20's being 2 & 1/2 dram, 7/8 oz. of the same shot sizes...not GREAT shells, but probably the equivalent of the "Wally-Mart" shells....FWIW....mikey357
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