Recipe for my first handload, .308

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I disagree with the gent stating to not "prep your brass". To each their own. I like to think if it as an algebra problem. Whatever you do to the left, do to the right. So with that said, just prep and do the very same thing across the board to all your brass.

Try some 3031, H4895, may favs. R Tac, and some Xterm and some Big Game. Been playing around with Ramshot powders lately. I haven't come up with an opinion other than they work....quite well.....
Uniforming case necks isn't prepping.

Case pepping, to me, is removing metal other than trimming to length and deburring.

Sierra does no case prep on ammo testing their stuff for accuracy. Nobody shoots their stuff more accurate than they do.
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Running cases through the sizer seems like prepping brass to me but I defer to Bart on the nomenclature
One more thing.....

Prepping brass is done once per case.

Uniforming brass is done every time it's resized.

.... to me.
I'll add my favorite "generic, shoot and function well in any gun" .308 loads to the list.

42.5gr IMR-4895
168gr BTHP, Sierra or Hornady
2.800" COL

43.0gr IMR-4064
168gr BTHP, Sierra or Hornady
2.800" COL
Trying to distinguish between prepping and uniforming is just as silly to me as it seemed to be with some when I distinguish between a squib and a light load.
I, for one, am very impressed by the way some have made their skills, knowledge, experience and overall mastery of the art accessible to the novice.
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