Red Dot Mount on Handgun ?

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Nov 18, 2013
N of Allentown PA

Wasn't sure where to put this question so this seemed generic enough.

My Burris Red Dot is quite small so I have options on handgun rails for mounting closer to the muzzle vs closer to the hammer (up vs back).

Weight distribution to manage recoil is one consideration - my real question is does either location affect ability to "pick up" the red dot for POA?

When in practice with a particular pistol I can pick up the dot quickly after a shot. When switching to a handgun I haven't shot in a while it's sometimes a struggle for me to pick up the dot quickly.

Mount it rearward. Right over the grip is a good spot. Mounted forward the sight moves around too much with muzzle flip. You want it mounted where it moves the least.
Nice collection. Took your advice. My new Ultradot was a breeze to pick up the dot compared to my Burris reflex. I promptly bought the 2nd Ultra he had for sale today.
Mounting the scope where it would maintain the original center of mass would seem to be best.
What type of handgun? I had the top of my Ruger Mk II grooved so I could install an Ultradot using no base at all. Can't get closer to the bore axis than that.
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