Removing paint from Rubber Stock

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Oct 26, 2009
I just bought a Weatherby Vanguard and the original owner gave me an extra stock for the gun which happens to be a Hogue Overmolded stock- a very nice one. To my great surprise, I found that this stock was one of the very expensive pillar bedded stocks. The only issue is that the owner painted the stock and the rubber underneath is flexible, but of course the paint is not, so the paint is cracking in some places where the rubber underneath has given way. Do you have any ideas how to safely remove the paint without "melting" or affecting the rubber finish on the stock?

The stock is the one on the far left....
Vaseline worked for me once, it was latex paint and I smeared the stuff on it and rubbed with cheesecloth, didn't harm the rubber under it. It was latex paint though, I would stay away from anything caustic (reducer, paint thinner, brake cleaner, etc...)

good luck.
After removing the stock, soaking it in a solution of TSP overnight will loosen the paint and won't harm the rubber. Another possibility is to high pressure wash it at the car wash. If it were a small spot I would try lacquer thinner which dissolves about anything paint but won't hurt the rubber. I wouldn't try lacquer thinner on a completely painted stock.
Thanks for the suggestions- I used a VERY fine sand made for detailed sandblasting and it worked like a charm- Now the gun looks 100% original and I gained some value on it. Thanks again
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