improving BAD factory synthetic stocks?

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Feb 18, 2006
Loveland, Colorado
Can it be done?

I have my eye on a couple of new rifles, but one downfall are the really UGLY synthetic stocks some guns ship with.

Although I do not mind a synthetic stock, I really can't stand the look and feel of the really cheap ones, even if they are on a gun that is really accurate.

Savage makes some really god awful synthetic stocks on their lower end guns, for example. The seam is obvious, and the stock has a very "plastic" look to it, more so than other better quality synthetic stocks. It's too bad, because I really like savage firearms.

The Weatherby Vanguard is another one that stands out in my mind as having a poor looking factory stock, but yet the stock works VERY well with the gun. Hell, I even prefer the Remington ADL black plastic stock to the stocks above. At least the stock is not "blocky" and with seams.

So my question is, can a synthetic stock be improved?

I am curious about adding color and relief. Something to camo up and liven up the stock, and possibly make it no-skid. I like the spider-web no-skid finishes.

Does anyone have any ideas for fixing up plain black synthetic stocks? How about some of the rubberized tool coating? Maybe spray it on with a toothbrush or drizzle it on with an applicator? I imagine that getting paint to stick on a synthetic stock is tough.

Anyone have ideas, or pictures of your stocks that have been refinished?


OK, first you have to promise not to laugh. I wanted to try painting something cheap first and had a Sub 2000.

This is Krylon camo paint with a matte clear on top. I cleaned it good with a degreaser and then lightly went over it with a cloth dampened with liquid sander. Worked great. I did another one for a friend witht he Fusion paint and it works really well after just a degreasing. Just sand the mold lines using 150 down to 320grit paper and spray away. I dodn't like the fusion colors through, they are a little shinier than the camo paint.
You can improve the way they look but there is no way that I know of to stiffen up those horrid Savage cheapies. I replaced the one I was afflicted with. At least the Vanguard stock is fairly rigid.
At least the Vanguard stock is fairly rigid.

Are you kidding! rigid compared to what? a spagetti noodle:fire:

I actually have a Vanguard stock in my shed that was involved in an attempt to stiffen it using fiberglass....(wich ended in utter failure might I add):banghead:

My vanguard now wears a Bell & Carlson carbelite stock. Apoun installing this stock my group sizes were almost cut in half.
Anyone ever coated one with that roll-on Rhino Coat truck bed liner stuff?

Should give it a nice texture, good grip, and cover any seams.
Anyone ever coated one with that roll-on Rhino Coat truck bed liner stuff?

Should give it a nice texture, good grip, and cover any seams.

I've always wondered if it would work, But I'm worried that if you rhinolined your rifle shooting it would give you razor burn.
That stuff comes in spray cans too. I bet it would work great. You can put it on thick or thin for whatever texture you want.
The Rhino linings are very thick and heavy. An 8' truck bed will gain over a hundred pounds, according to a customer who came into our dealership with a citation from the NCHP. Says he just filled up, towing the same car and trailer in his 2500 HD, and hit the I85 weigh station between E26 & E27, like always. We at the dealer had just had it done for him, weight had never been an issue before. I, of course, have no idea what the weight would be for the area of a stock. I have personally had great sucess with Brownells Aluma-Hyde II in numerous colors on several brands of stocks. The only downsides are the waits for arrival and curing.
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