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Respond to AZ school suspending student for drawing a picture of a gun

Discussion in 'Activism' started by JKimball, Aug 22, 2007.

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  1. JKimball

    JKimball Member

    Aug 5, 2007
    Orem, UT
    I'm starting this thread in the Activism forum for people who are interested in doing something about the student who was suspended in Arizona for drawing a picture of a gun.

    You can get the details from the thread started by skers69 in general discussions:


    Here is the school info:

    7655 S. Higley Rd.
    Queen Creek, AZ 85242
    Phone: (480) 224-2400
    Fax: (480) 224-2420

    Principal is Mrs. Karen Martin

    LarryS found an email address for the community relations contact for the Chandler Unified School District:


    Here is a copy of my letter:
  2. Robert Hairless

    Robert Hairless Member

    Oct 11, 2003
    May I suggest that one way to hold these people's feet to the fire is to insist that they apply this policy consistently by enforcing it.

    A good way for the school to start would be search everyone entering the building for Masschusetts commemorative quarters, a coin that prominently displays the image of an easily recognized militiaman holding a firearm. That firearm was the assault weapon of its day.


    All Massachusetts quarter dollars should be confiscated and any administrator, teacher, or other employee carrying one ought to be suspended without pay for a period of five days for each Massachusetts quarter dollar found on the employee's person. For the sake of consistency, that suspension could be reduced to three days if the offending employee's parent appears in person at the principal's office and appeals successfully.

    Vendors and delivery people should be searched too and any of them found with these dangerous quarters should be barred from the school for a five-day period for each quarter unless, of course, that person's parent makes a personal appearance before the school principal and makes a successful appeal.

    These searches should be carried out daily, of course, throughout each school year.

    Slightly less difficult would be the excision of all firearms images from every book in the school library and all textbooks. The traditional method of such censorship uses a razor blade, which is a relatively inexpensive tool. The school's official censor should be alert to the many images of firearms that might be overlooked because up until recently Americans were relatively sane and recognized that firearms are useful instruments. For example, the school's censor should remove the image of the Iwo Jima memorial because Marines depicted in it carry M-1 Garand rifles slung over their shoulders.

    In school's today the motto "Uncommon valor was a common virtue" might best be revised to "Uncommon stupidity and bias is a common virtue."

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