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Revolvers and Lever Actions (30-30)

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by g_one, May 8, 2013.

  1. g_one

    g_one Member

    Oct 24, 2011
    Milwaukee, WI
    I don't own any reloading equipment yet, but it's something I'm very interested in and would like to start doing once all the hoarding of reloading supplies (and ammo) dies down. When I do get around to it my primary reason for wanting to is so I can make 30-30's and take my Marlin to the range a LOT more often than I get to now, and maybe get into making some deer/hog hunting loads.

    Before that though, I'm strongly considering saving up for a Magnum Research BFR. They offer it in 30-30, which was my first choice (for keeping thing simple) but the 45/70 or .454 Casull have caught my eye lately as I research into those.

    So, to make yet another one of my long-winded questions shorter: if I'm reloading 30-30 for a Marlin lever action, am I going to need to make adjustments to my powders and/or charges if I decide to make 30-30's that I'll be shooting out of a revolver? Also I assume I'll need to do resizing since they won't be used in the same gun all the time. If I'm going to have to do all of that, I may as well have some fun and go for a whole new caliber...
  2. popper

    popper Active Member

    Nov 10, 2010
    Factory ammo should work in both so if you make your loads the same size as factory, shouldn't be a problem. That said, get a case gauge. For best performance you should make loads tuned in size for each gun. You may not want to use full power loads in the BFR, use different bullets in each, but you can figure that out after you get the BFR. BTW, the FTX and 311-170 LFN work great in your marlin.
  3. mdi

    mdi Participating Member

    Dec 31, 2007
    The BFR is a modern gun manufactured to SAAMI specs, so any sane load will be fine.
  4. jerkface11

    jerkface11 Mentor

    Oct 27, 2005
    The BFR is a fun gun. I will eat a lot of your ammo if you don't pay attention though.
  5. flipajig

    flipajig Active Member

    Mar 12, 2009
    Gods coununtry. IDAHO.
    I have worked up loads in both rifle and pistol combinations I would do a full leanth resize on all your brass any 308 bullet that you would use in your leaver gun you can use in a BFR
    And if you are lucky both guns will like the same load.
    In a BFR you might be able to use a spire pointed bullet in it providing your cylinder will still revolve your OAL could be a isue. Also if you intend to yse the BFR for hunting you should stay with a RN or FP bullet unless you are able to get around 2000fps and then you can use a Nosler BT. I shoot the 30-30 in a Thompson Contender the 125 BT is my friend.
  6. ArchAngelCD

    ArchAngelCD Senior Elder

    Nov 25, 2006
    Northeast PA, USA
    Any brass shot in a semi-auto or levergun has to be full length resized anyway so adding the revolver into the mix changes nothing.

    The only difference in loads would be for accuracy and like said above, hopefully both guns will like the same load.

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