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Rifle Bullet database.

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by Kachok, Jan 20, 2013.

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  1. Kachok

    Kachok Member

    Oct 3, 2010
    Palestine TX
    Would like to start a bullet database for reloaders to understand the wide selection of bullets available to us, feel free to rate them on any criteria of your choosing (accuracy, value, terminal performance, all of the above) just be sure to specify. More then likely nobody here has first experience with all of these so just rate what you have used and tell us why you do or don't like it. Details such as caliber/weight, and intended game/purpose would also help. If I forgot anything please wright it in, there are so many makes of bullets it is hard to keep up with them all.
    For easy of use keep your rating on a scale of 1-10.

    Big Game Hunting Bullets
    Nosler Ballistic Tip
    Serria Game King
    Speer Hot Core
    Hornady SST
    Remington Core-Lokt
    Speer BTSP
    Nosler Partition
    Serria Pro Hunter
    Barnes TSX
    Berger VLD
    Hornady Interlock
    Winchester Power Point
    Speer Grand Slam
    Swift A-Frame
    Nosler E-Tip
    Hornady GMX
    Speer Deep Curl
    Nosler Accubond
    Hornady Interbond
    Core-Lokt Ultra Bonded
    Remington Accutip
    Remington Bronze Point
    Swift Scirocco II

    Match bullets
    Hornady A-Max
    Berger VLD
    Serria Match King
    Nosler Custom Competition
    Hornady BTHP Match

    Varmint Bullets
    Serria Blitz King
    Hornady V-Max
    Nosler Varmageddon
    Hornady SX
    Nosler Ballistic Tip Varmint
    Serria Varminter
    Speer TNT
    Hornady NTX

  2. Kachok

    Kachok Member

    Oct 3, 2010
    Palestine TX
    Remington Core-Lokts 8/10 While never a spectacular performer on game it certainly is a reliable one, they do not have the very wide wounding effect some softer cup and core and poly tips have, through and through shots have been the rule for me here in whitetail country, though I did almost always use heavy for caliber bullets. Lackluster ballistics but pretty darn accurate in most of my rifles.

    Nosler Ballistic Tips In every caliber I load for 9/10 highly accurate in most rifles and devastating on game, I think this bullet is highly underrated in penetration, alot of people think they always blow up and while that may have been the case before the re-design I have had noting but nice exit wounds on all my game thus far, and doing that at 270 WSM impact speeds is impressive! This is one of my "Big Three" the three bullets I load any time I bring a new rifle to the range. Good ballistics and bang flop performance.

    Speer BTSP 150-165gr .308 cal, and 145gr 7mm 8/10 Great value, and has been a fantastic bullet on the range, I won't give them a 10 yet because I have yet to use them on game, their reputation is a fast expanding/fragmenting SP so they should perform well on deer, but a little hesitant to try them on our feral hogs.

    Hornady SST In every caliber I own 10/10 Another one of my "Big Three" this is simply a superbly accurate bullet in three of my rifles, the best groups I have ever shot with a centerfire rifle were with these, despite the fact that they are not quite as uniform as some. On game their performance is similar to the Ballistic Tip, the reason this got 10 and the BT got 9 is value, $30 per box of 100 beats $20 per box of 50 anyday.

    Winchester Power Point Several bullet weights and calibers 3/10 Don't really care for these much, only one rifle I ever owned would shoot them worth a darn, hence I never got around to hunting with them. Their only redeeming factor is they are (or were anyway) a pretty cheap bullet with a reputation for quick kills on thin skinned game though I cannot personally vouch for that.

    Serria Game Kings In several weights and every caliber I own 10/10 My #1 go to bullet, these shoot well when nothing else will, they are still the only bullet that my 7-08 likes, and every one of my rifles shoot them into nice tight groups. Performance on game is nothing shy of spectacular at 2400-2800fps impact speeds, some say they have core/jacket separation issues but I have never had an issue with that, if I ever lost a jacket it flew out the rather large exit wounds this bullet makes. At $30 a box of 100 they are a remarkable value too. This is probably the most uniform soft point bullet on the market, and their shape seems to make them very flexible in terms of seating depth, so working up handloads is simply a matter of finding the right powder/charge.

    Nosler Accubond 140gr 270 cal 7/10 I have only tried these in one caliber/weight and it has yet to impress, not bad just not good enough to make me want to take it hunting yet. Pricy too, so I don't want to buy a bunch more trying to work up accurate loads.

    Berger VLD 140gr 6.5mm Hunting 7/10 The ONLY bullet I cannot get my Tikka to group with :( I had such high hopes too, I recently e-mailed Berger to see if they had any pointers to help me tighten it up, nothing yet, this a superbly uniform and slick bullet with best in the business ballistics, and world record credentials, I have no idea why they won't shoot for me. Gave it 7/10 because I know it is somehow my fault and not the bullet.

    Remington Accutip 150gr 308cal. 9/10 A fantastic shooting bullet in my 30-06 with a mid-max charge of RL19, I would no doubt have used this on a deer or hog by now but every time we go hunting my buddy borrows my 06 and he likes nothing but 165gr Serria Game Kings, he takes me hunting so I load him whatever he wants, and he is more then welcome to use any rifle in my safe.
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2013
  3. gamestalker

    gamestalker member

    Sep 10, 2008
    SW Arizona
    I've used a lot of Sierra GK's through the 7 mags with pretty decent performance on game and accuracy. But Speer 145 gr BT's have also done a pretty decent job. I didn't however care much for Nosler ballistic tips because they tend to come apart, thus lacking through and through potential.

    My Son is out out this morning using some Hornady 139 gr. BT's for mule deer, he says those are working quite well for him.

    The Hornady Interloack has also been getting the job done. Speer Hot core has been a real winner as well and probably the one I prefer most for my hunting needs.

    For varmiting bullets I've been using TNT's and Sierra's with really impressive results in both accuracy and absolute exploding coyotes make them a real fun bullet for this hunting purpose.

    Gosh, there are just so many great projectiles that I've used that have worked well for me. And honestly, if it shoots accurately and I do my with shot placement, the rest is history.
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